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As local businesses and community groups emerge from lockdown with relief, the team at Douglas News Network look at the lessons we have learned, and how we are forging a way forward. Today, Jayne chats with Miss Saskia Turner, owner of the beloved Bodies In Motion Dance School:

Miss Saskia, the lockdown has been pretty devastating for the Bodies family, but I’d love to know how you have used this downtime?

The silver lining to everything that’s happened has been investing more time into ‘me’. I have spent this isolation period focusing on my health and exercise and learning how to slow down!

What unexpected opportunities has the lockdown provided for Bodies in Motion?

The minute we closed the studio doors, my team and I got together, creating more 40 online dance videos for our students.
Since then, I have continued to choreograph and produce free tutorials for our students each week.
Another positive has been having the time to do a HUGE clean out of our studios and storage sheds!
My office manager Jody and I spent six days sorting, cleaning, culling and organising ten years worth of costumes, props and sets.

Like many other locals, you’ve been using the lockdown to explore our local area. What is your favourite new destination?

Spring Creek Falls is definitely worth the trek, and probably on the top of my list!

What lessons have you learned from the experience?

For most of my adult life, I’ve owned this business, with the mindset that I needed to work 12 hours a day, seven days a week, 360 days a year. This downtime has taught me “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

That is so exciting, Saskia. And very promising for Bodies into the future! How have you been supporting the spirit of your hugely popular dance school?

We’ve been busy engaging via our social media channels. We’ve created weekly challenges to stay connected, and provided free weekly online tutorials. We’ve tried to maintain a positive presence, whether via funny throwbacks of old dance photos, or videos of what our staff are up to at home.

What plans do you have in store for the snapback? When is that looking like happening?

It looks like we will be able to return to regular classes at the Studio as of July 10th. Our plan is to hit the ground running-we’ve got lots of lost time to catch up on!

Have you got a theme for the end of year concert yet? What’s in store for us?

I won’t give too much away, but think ‘futuristic’…

What are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to my’ concert ideas’ playlist. It’s an eclectic mix of songs from different genres of music. I like to play all the potential production songs on repeat for a few months and brainstorm ideas!

Thank you for your time, Miss Saskia.
Our very best wishes for life returning to ‘normal’ for your incredible dance family.
We’re already looking forward πŸ˜‰  to the end of year production!

Bodies In Motion Dance School
Instagram: @bimdanceschool

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