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Budding Picassos throughout the Douglas Shire have warmly embraced Belinda William’s IsoArt Escape online art project. Jayne chats with Belinda to find out more about this project and happenings in her creative life.

We’re an online art learning course called IsoArt Escape. All levels of experience are welcome to join in. We had 48 participants in our recent course and are about to launch a second session.
IsoArt Escape is a private Facebook group who convene daily for a one and half hour guided painting lesson. If you can’t make the live lesson, you can always catch up in your own time. Strangers feel comfortable to share and exchange conversation around creativity and health. So much goodness, expansion, and courage has emerged as a result of IsoArtEscape. As we listen, pause, respond, impart and share, our worries disappear. We hope that moment of stillness never ends.

“So much goodness, expansion, and courage has emerged as a result of IsoArtEscape.”


My call to action was a post I read on Facebook. A friend Robbie had felt a whole realm of overwhelming emotions with the onset of COVID. At the end of her post, she said that with sitting and producing one artwork that evening, she immediately experienced a sense of peace. I committed to creating content for IsoArtEscape. From there on, I was 110% on board for the concept.

How does the talent of the Douglas Shire shape up?

The tropical component is a beautiful extension of the online creative painting. Participants from other regions love connecting with our tropical painters. Works produced by our FNQ Picassos imparts a unique and outstanding peaceful quality.

You’re not living in the Douglas Shire anymore Belinda. Where can we find you these days?

With our busy lives, I decided to move closer to NSW eleven months ago. Warwick is a big country town. I am back to my roots where I grew up, on the land. Its been a great move, with a 3.5 hour drive back to Moree in NSW to visit my mum regularly.

Oh my goodness I miss my beautiful friends up north, very much. Ideally, I’d have the best of both worlds- by living in the season and coming down here over our southern summer.

The tropics has so much to offer, its such a beautiful part of Australia, I do miss it dearly.

How was the COVID-19 lockdown for you?

Corona has been a blessing for me, such a gift. I relish in time alone in my studio, so its been a perfect time for knuckling right down with zero interruptions. If it hadn’t been for COVID-19 I would not have had been gifted this opportunity to create IsoArtEscape.

What opportunities did the lockdown present for you?

For me COVID-19 has been an exciting time in my artistic pivot to teaching online. I ran IsoArtEscape via a mentor. On the basis of that experience, I have developed another concept of teaching online which I am working on right now. This is a huge and exciting project, which I would love to share with you once launched.

Off the back of IsoArtEscape is the upcoming IsoArtEscape Part 2.

What do you have in store for your creative life for the rest of the year Belinda?

Commissions, retreats, IsoArt Escape Part 2 and a coffee book!

I have always been self-motivated. My passion is my painting which I turned into a business twenty three years ago. I love creating. I love producing private commission for clients. I enjoy working to a brief, and this stream of work continues for me.
IsoArtEscape Part 2 is also in the making.

Once the borders open, I am heading to the tropics for a break. I will be running a few retreats-one in NSW-and another in the tropics. I’m looking forward to catching up with a strong contingent of my online Picassos.
And lastly, in collaboration with an incredibly wise and talented health professional, I am getting ready to draft my first coffee table book. I always knew I was going to publish a coffee table book, but I have only recently connected and confirmed my first book.

Where is your happy place?

My happy place is in nature-walking, breathing, photographing the beauty and surrounding. When I take a break from my studio, I love being in the sun-kissed, heart centre of Australia. I love observing, sketching, and connecting with Australians and their incredible life stories.

Would you describe yourself as a mindful or a mad artist?

I have learned to be mindful, and recognise that is an ever evolving journey. But I am also crazy in a wild and happy way. I have a quote on my wall, ‘Paint like a Mad Woman’, by Belinda Williams. I live up to that, every time I paint with enjoyment, filling a brief and witnessing the happiness on presenting an artwork to my client. This brings me so much joy.

Apart from your incredible talent with painting, which talent would you most like to have?

I’d love to be able to sing. Sing like Kate Ceberano, or Marcia Hines. I deeply admire talented singers.

Please tell us about your most treasured possession.

Every possession in my studio! I love to surround myself with colour. Colour is happiness.

Who is your favourite artist?

Pro Hart – for his legacy, his dedication, and his passion for many different art applications. I met him when I was in Broken Hill, when I was in my first year as a full-time artist. I liked his den, style of organisation, and the painting and words he painted in a bible and gifted to me. He was so inspired 24/7.

What’s for dinner tonight?

Soup, with lots of turmeric.

Yummo! Thank you for sharing your time with us today Belinda. Best wishes for your upcoming ventures.

” As we listen, pause, respond, impart and share, our worries disappear. We hope that moment of stillness never ends.”


Contact Belinda to learn more about her art commissions, next IsoArt Escape course, retreats and creative happenings via her website, facebook and instagram.

All Images supplied courtesy of Belinda Williams.


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