CONVERSATIONS / Up-and-coming young artist Hazuki Kirby



Today, Jayne chats with talented young local artist Hazuki Kirby. Raised in Port Douglas, Hazuki’s family heritage is a blend of Japanese and New Zealand heritage. Hazuki studied at Mossman State High School, graduating in 2013. Art was always her favourite subject but she was also an avid sportswoman and piano player during her school years. Hazuki describes herself as ambitious and disciplined (thanks to her Japanese mum). She also considers herself to be a social butterfly with a big heart for kindness. Let’s discover more about her artistic journey.

How do you think your upbringing in the Douglas Shire influences your expression in your art?

I’m influenced by both my cultural heritage and by growing up enjoying the outdoors; hiking, fishing, and exploring. Port Douglas has shaped my appreciation for our surrounds and it’s detail.

How are you developing your art and design career?

I set off on my art journey at the end of last year. I had no intention of selling my art. Art was a way to relax and to fill in my leisure time. Since starting my Instagram page I’ve received so much feedback and so many requests for commissions.  I find it critical to find my own style.

The power of social media has changed my insight into my potential. I’m going to launch an online website with prints at the end of the year, also featuring my mum’s artistic work. Raine Ward’s new store ‘Maker’ launches next week, and she is stocking some of my prints, which I am excited about! I’m currently a full time student at the Queensland College Of Arts, studying a Bachelor of Interior Design and Environments.

What is the best aspect about being an artist living in the Douglas Shire?

How unique the geographic landscape is! I can travel one kilometre and there is reef on one side and rainforest on the other. Nature truly inspires me. The other part I love about the Douglas Shire is the real community bond and the local love from living in a small town.

Why do you think you are you compelled to create? 

Because of the feeling of release of the creative energy within. I don’t paint because I think it looks pretty-I have to paint what I’m most connected to. To me, nature is beauty. I’m also fascinated by the detailed textures which I will further explore as I practice more.

What preferred materials do you use to create your work ?

I currently use Arches cold pressed watercolour paper, Windsor and Newton watercolours, and Polina Bright cruelty free watercolour brushes. 

Who are your biggest personal and artistic influences?  

My parents have influenced me to be the person I am, and to think the way I do. Dad is a major advocate for sustainability and a knowledge base of nature’s many uses to humanity. Mum is my artistic influence and mentor-she teaches me new skills to express myself. I’m a spiritual person and convey meaning in a metaphorical sense just like my mother. I convey meaning best with acrylics on canvas in a expressive style, completely different to my elegant watercolour pieces. 

How does social media help you in sharing your art, promoting your work?

It’s crazy how social media works as a platform to showcase and advertise my art. I have followers that appreciate my art as both strangers and locals. I connect with people who also inspire me, it’s great! 

Where is your favourite destination for a girls’ lunch in Port Douglas?

Hi-Tide for breakfast for a catch up with my group, it’s nice and open and overlooking the beach. 

How can our readers find your art Hazuki? 

Instagram: artby_hazuki