Douglas Shire Council / Review of Ordinary Meeting 28 July, 2020



Cr Zammataro highlighted important questions about the potability of extracted water for the facility. Cr Zammataro was supported by Crs McKeown and Scomazzon in requesting further time to investigate several concerns before a decision be made on the material change of use for the site. Developers of the proposed facility want the ability to produce packaged water cartons from a 10,000 litre water allocation from Council’s intake and utilise an unspecified amount of ground water from a bore.


Queensland State Government is proposing changes to the State planning framework. Changes are proposed to provide more streamlined and simpler processes. The State Government is also seeking comment from Council on possible changes to the level of assessment of particular uses in some zones for amendments to the Planning Regulation.
Local residents will be aware that a review of the Planning Scheme is identified in the current Operational Plan to “cut red tape” and “remove(s) unnecessary approvals thereby assisting businesses in a post Covid-19 environment”. Council would “prefer to develop its own changes to the planning scheme regarding the level of assessment for particular activities in particular zones.” (1)


All Councillors unanimously supported Council adopting a single-use plastic free policy. The welcome policy follows on from Council’s commitment to implementing plastic free strategies as part of the 2019-2020 Operational Plan, and will be introduced over the next six months.


It’s tee off time for Douglas Shire Council, agreeing to relieve Douglas Community & Sports Club Inc. (DCSC) of their debt by buying the Mossman Golf Club land and leasing the premises to the Mossman Memorial Bowls Club Inc. In an extraordinary move, the President and General Manager of DCSC recently approached Council to enquire whether they were interested in purchasing Mossman Golf Club, including all plant and equipment at the agreed price of the value of the Club’s current liabilities. Mossman Memorial Bowls Club Inc will lease the Mossman Golf Club to ensure the Mossman Golf Course continues operations, remaining a valued community sporting facility.


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Bill Woods
2 years ago

Hang on a minute!! Cr Zammataro is questioning the potability of the water?!?! Is he questioning the potability of the water extracted from Councils intake? That is non-sensical… as this is the water that Council are supplying to residents within the shire!! On reading the application it is proposed to put the water through a filtration process before bottling. Also, wouldn’t it be in the applicants best interest to ensure that the water is potable?! I seriously wonder about these Councillors level of common sense!! Just approve the application!!!

Lawrence Mason
2 years ago

A review? No. More like a re-hash.

Dawn Wilmes
2 years ago

Congratulations to Miss H. Kirby, following in her mum’s footsteps with incredible artwork.