Perspectives / Dr Doug Quarry on the Queensland border closure


DR DOUG QUARRY, MBBS, MSc (Community Health)

Great decision on closing our border, Anastasia!!

I own six short-term rental apartments in Port Douglas and have not had a booking, only cancellations, since Queensland closed its border with Metropolitan New South Wales a week ago.

And yet I applaud our Premier’s decision to close our border with New South Wales yesterday.

In my opinion, the lock-down in Melbourne and the lockout here in Queensland are both helping Australia move towards possible eradication of COVID.

Let me explain…

The situation in Victoria is totally out of control. The usual track-and-trace and isolate technique simply could not work because of the huge number of cases. However the Phase 4 lockdown WILL stop COVID in its tracks. At the end of the six weeks there will be virtually no transmission in Victoria at all.

No cases.

Which brings us to Queensland where we now have NO CASES and we are trying to keep it that way.

It seems that the track-and-trace process for the contacts of the women who illegally crossed the border last week, is working, and they have not caused community transmission.

So, with just a little angel dust, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and the rest of Australia will have NO cases by mid / end September.

This will give Australia a real chance to push for COVID eradication a la New Zealand.

Nice one Anastasia πŸ’ͺ🏽.


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Be the first to know the latest news from the Douglas Shire.

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3 years ago

It’s the best thing our premier has done that should’ve been closed earlier