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Corina and Simon from LOADED share the low-down on this gorgeous new sweet treat for the Douglas Shire.

LOADED is an original concept that came from Corina and Simon’s passion for delicious food, especially desserts. They both love travelling the world looking for new and exciting taste sensations.

“We saw a niche in the market here for unique desserts, generous shakes, acai bowls and smoothies.
At LOADED, choose your menu item and LOAD it up with your choice of additional toppings and add-ons. Our dishes are designed to be dessert-on-the-go, especially our frozen cheesecakes and frozen bananas.”

Please share a little more about your own story Corina and Simon.

We’re a married team in our late thirties, who moved here from Melbourne three years ago, for a sea change. LOADED is our side hustle, as we both also work full-time in other jobs. For the past 18 months we have been completing our hospitality, food handling and food safety requirements to operate LOADED.

People will notice on our van, two logos representing causes we strongly support.

The Epilepsy Foundation

Simon has epilepsy, and values sharing conversations around experiences living with seizures. This is a way for others to openly discuss the condition, especially if they have a limited support network. In particular, men don’t like talking about it. We have found the presence of the logo creates really positive conversations.

Ovarian Cancer

The other logo represents our fundraising efforts to help find a cure for ovarian cancer, which Simon’s aunt Anne died from at a young age. We want to celebrate her life by fundraising to help find a cure.

LOADED looks and sounds so delicious. What is your favourite item on the menu?

Simon’s favourite item is the LOADED Oreo crackle frozen cheese cake on a stick.

Corina’s favourite is the peanut butter acai bowl LOADED with Beach Harvest (local supplier)  granola and extra peanut butter. 

So far, our customers have been loving the LOADED frozen bananas and the LOADED frozen cheese cakes in particular!

Is LOADED available for hire for private events and catering?

We sure are. You can contact us via @loaded_pd on instagram and shortly via our website.

What do you love most about doing business in the Douglas Shire?

We love our customers and meeting new people. We want to build a LOADED tribe. We work hard to support fellow local business and suppliers. 

What plans do you have in store for LOADED?

If our customers love us, we would love to move into a fixed location. We plan to launch our franchise in 2022. In the meantime, we want to keep making people smile with LOADS of yummy food. 

Where is your own favourite place to escape to in the Douglas Shire?

Simon and I love to take time out anywhere near the beach or on the water. You will also see us eating our way around the local businesses in Port Douglas and Mossman. There are so many wonderful places to enjoy with such a wide variety of food.  

And your favourite place for a coffee?

Our favourite coffee is our own LOADED iced coffee. We make it daily for ourselves. Without giving away the secret, we sweeten it with a variety of options. All available from LOADED food trailer.

Where can we find LOADED to pick up one of these sweet indulgences?

LOADED operates from a food trailer you can now find on Saturdays and Sundays at Town and County Shopping Centre car park in Mossman.

We are seeking a permanent location in Port Douglas. If any local business would like to host us in their car park or on their land, we would love to hear from you. 

We are available to hire for functions, markets, events and private parties.

We will be launching our online pre-purchase click and collect service shortly. 

www.loadeddessertsandco.com – Launching soon


Instagram @loaded_pd 

LOADED are currently offering a giveaway of a delicious $50 LOADED gift card. Tag a friend on one of the LOADED Instagram posts or tag them in your LOADED photo to WIN!


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