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Sixteen year old local singer-songwriter Abi Muir is about to set the world on fire with the release of her single, “First Date”. Released four weeks ago, the dance hit has clocked in more than 200,000 views on Abi’s Facebook page. “First Date” is Abi’s fourth single, the first of her releases to reveal a fresh and high energy dance vibe, maturing from the wistful dreaminess of her debut single “heebiejeebies”.

The story behind the release and the popularity of Abi’s new hit is one of inspiring local collaboration involving a Port Douglas crew. “First Date’ is written and recorded by Redlynch State College student, Abi and produced in collaboration with BNDLSS. The song is mixed by Simon Cohen from Studio 301, (who quietly, just happens to be the vocal coach for Justin Bieber for “Love Yourself”) and  stem mastered by Oli Morgan from the famous Abbey Road Studio. The accompanying music video is a collaboration of talent directed and produced by Port Shorts, under their internship program.

Back to our star!

Growing up, Abi expressed her creativity through dance and acting. She kicked up a storm in highland dancing, in a nod to her Scottish family heritage. She went on to expand her dance range into street, hip-hop and contemporary styles.

It was only a couple of years ago that her family and teachers realised that she could also sing!

Abi was auditioning for a school performance that required professional instruction for one’s instrument of choice. Abi’s dad, Stephen remembers that her newly appointed vocal coach cried upon hearing Abi’s voice for the first time.

Abi’s debut single, “heebiejeebies” came to the attention of a wider audience, when she won Port Shorts’ Shout Out Award last year, with a music video shot entirely on her iphone.

With Abi’s passion and commitment to creating music growing stronger and stronger, in April this year, Abi’s mum Sam, approached Port Shorts asking for recommendations for a music video crew. Despite everybody being holed up in creative isolation, Youth and Music Director Elliot Davidson, ditched any thought of being limited by the constraints of Covid-19.

And so, the idea of recording a music video for Abi’s new single, under Port Shorts’ internship program, evolved.

Each and every crew member for Abi’s music video volunteered their time as part of the Program.

“We started our Port Shorts Internship Program a few years ago, with the aim to foster emerging artists.

For example, we have developed programs where film students across Cairns region worked directly with Stephen Curry and on Hamish and Andy’s True Stories.

Port Shorts Intern Vasco Gonsalves (second AC on this shoot) recently worked with Sound Engineer, Steeve Body.

Jake Girgenti (behind-the-scenes camera on this shoot) has developed his script-writing with our ambassadors.”

PORT SHORTS Youth and Music Director, Elliot Davidson

Between April and August, Abi developed her pre-production skills. This involves translating her concept into a working script, with Australian actor Stephen Curry and Port Shorts Youth and Music Director, Elliot Davidson.

Abi describes the experience as thrilling, despite her initial nerves. Exposed to professional recording, Abi grew into its demands, acknowledging Port Shorts for giving her plenty of room to breathe, and to express herself genuinely.

On the 6th of August, 2020, in one day, a tireless and enthusiastic cast and crew shot the video at The Woolshed in Cairns. Over the next few weeks, Abi and Elliot collaborated in editing, before HotGlue Studios provided the final grading. The music video was released internationally on September 7th. One month later, Abi’s single has over 200 000 views on Facebook, and is growing exponentially.

Cast and crew from Port Shorts on the shoot for Abi Muir’s hit single “First Date” , credit Jake Girgenti, Port Shorts intern

Elliot Davidson is thrilled with the results of the local collaboration, “this particular project has been a complete success and I want to personally thank everyone that made it happen – especially Cam McGrath, one of the most talented cinematographers on the planet – and congratulate Abi. This is why we do Port Shorts – so that we can support talented and emerging artists.”

“Abi is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter (not to mention music director) – her ability to collaborate with, and bring together so many diverse artists, is a rare quality, and she is already doing so at the age of sixteen.”

PORT SHORTS Youth and Music Director, Elliot Davidson

Where to from here?

Abi has now released four singles, and is currently intently writing and rehearsing in her family garage. She has her eyes firmly set on the release of her debut album as soon as she can possibly travel to Melbourne. She continues to work with industry professionals Simon Cohen (Studio 301), and Oli Morgan (Abbey Road Studios). There is a new star in the constellation….and she’s home grown and lovingly home nurtured. Watch out Biebs, and Billie, make way for Abi Muir!

“We at Port Shorts have no doubt that Abi is going to be a big star – her music is incredible, and her professionalism and dedication at every stage of the music video production process was admirable. Supporting her has been a pleasure”

PORT SHORTS Youth and Music Director, Elliot Davidson

“First Date” is written and directed by Abi Muir

Producer: John Baker
Director of Photography: Cam McGrath
Production Coordinator, 1st Assistant Director: Elliot Davidson
Editor: Elliot Davidson
Directing/Cinematography Mentor: Aron Leong
1st Assistant Camera & Digital Imaging Technician: Alison George
2nd Assistant Camera: Vasco Gonsalves
Behind the scenes editor: Jake Girgenti
Gaffer: John Baker
Colourist: James Westland
Behind the Scenes Camera: Jake Girgenti
Makeup Artist (Samba Dancers): Cass Elmer
Song written, recorded and produced by Abi Muir, beat produced in collaboration with BNDLSS; mixed by Simon Cohen from Studios 301 & mastered by Oli Morgan from Abbey Road Studios

Drag Queens: Donna Perignonn, Dealia Cards, Leonardo da Inci
Actors: Ella Duyvestyne, Peter Dearman-Mclaren, Ebony Schulte, Ashton Hill, Kaeley Ryan, Kayla Cross, Camdyn Ware, Dakota Clark-Blackhurst, James Hawkes, Khyle Ogilvie
Dancers: Pássaros do Paraíso Cairns Samba
Donna Gardiner, Meg Takegami, Jessica Sleeman, Kayo Roggensack, Leah Muller, Heather Leek, Ann Biju, Melissa Abraham, Aleena Matthew, AnnMaria Mankudiyil, Semi Naborisi & Ceara Lewis.


For more information visit: https://www.abimuir.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1VRUYIxmtwxVHl-QqMloRQ
Apple music : https://music.apple.com/us/artist/abi-muir/1456655183
Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/4YmPl9yOo6vlso1GO1MdOU
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-632797959
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abimuirmusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abi.muir

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