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Tangaroa Blue Foundation are closing off Reef Clean Month with another push to the community to register a site along the Great Barrier Reef catchment for a clean-up. Tangaroa Blue, through the ReefClean Project, is calling on citizen scientists, schools, community groups, local governments, and all ocean lovers to participate in the GBR Clean-up. 

The program invites groups to adopt and register their own coastal or waterway sites to be cleaned throughout the month, so if you know of a site in your area that needs attention, you are encouraged to register that site and get a group together.

ReefClean is funded by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and delivered by Tangaroa Blue Foundation in partnership with AUSMAP, Capricornia Catchments, Eco Barge Clean Seas, OceanWatch Australia, Reef Check Australia, and South Cape York Catchments.

Join the Great Barrier Reef Clean-up today!

Further information and registration for the Great Barrier Reef Clean-up is available here:  https://bit.ly/2QXrxDe

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