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We chat with Brett “Beaver” Neal today, who has been busy covering every nook and cranny of the Gulf on her “listening tour” in the lead up to election day tomorrow. Prior to signing up to represent Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in the north, Brett has worked on North Queensland cattle stations, with Indigenous youth and has been a prominent sportswoman with Fred Brophy’s Boxing Tent traveling around the North-West.

I have hung the gloves to get into the fight of my life, to fight for our region, and be a strong voice for Cook. Leave it to Beaver.

Brett “Beaver” Neal, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, candidate for Cook

Brett’s emphasis is on getting out there and listening to the voters needs.
She was impressed by the Douglas Shire’s Council’s “wishlist” which helped herself and her fellow candidates get a better understanding of our local priorities.

Beaver-dam-builder by name, and so it would seem, by nature, supports the priority to establish water security for the Douglas Shire.

Brett also priorities upgrading sporting club facilities in the Douglas Shire, emphasising the vital role sports play in mental health and community well-being.

Brett is keen to talk to our farmers, to ascertain our issues and to fight to keep and to create jobs for Australians.

Should Brett get into power, her emphasis will be on truly listening to the people, in holding a mobile office and being on the ground, talking and engaging with the voters, assessing, prioritising, and representing our views at State level.

With a colourful history in boxing, cage fighting and working with youth ….Brett is clearly no pushover. She is fiercely determined and independent, “nobody’s puppet” . Her mantra is to “stay true to your word, true to your people, and true to your own beliefs”.

What do youย see as the biggest issue facing the Douglas Shire for 2021?

With the current representation, Douglas Shire has been forgotten. The best way to get the best result for the Shire would be to talk to the people, to formulate a game plan, and to move forward from there.

What are you most excited about for our region in 2021?

2021 is a wonderful blank canvas. I can’t wait to get in there and get active.

Having met with local commercial fishing families lately, how do you propose to support the commercial fishing industry in the Cook electorate?

While I am a keen recreational fisher, I am learning about the needs of the commercial sector. In my view the industry needs a representative lobby group to adequately address some key federal issues, including the quota and the VMS systems.

How has the candidate experience been for you so far?

This experience has made me want to help people even more, the little people, who have never had a voice. No matter what. I want to help give them a sense of pride-in owning their own property- the little things. I want to help fill in the little pieces of the puzzle for the unheard. It has been incredibly humbling to see the support for myself and Pauline’s party, to be welcomed openly into peoples homes. I find it rather sad that people haven’t felt this way about their candidates before.

When you have a snippet of it, how do you enjoy your down time?

I love fishing-or as I like to say, “catching”. I fish where the fish are biting. I love time with animals, family and friends. I enjoy anything to do with simply exploring and enjoying the outdoors. It gives me perspective.

Give me a gel blaster, a compound bow, a camera and a campfire and I’m happy in my 5000 star accomodation.

What is your favourite place to escape to within the region?

Under the stars with my dog cooking on a campfire cooking. And never in the same place.

Who is your personal hero or heroine?

My dear friend Logan, an inspirational and amazing young man, full of charisma, selflessness and knowledge. He died, just before his nineteenth birthday from Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Is there anything else you would like to add for our readers today?

Voters, make good choices. And vote for the person who you believe will fight for you the best.

Own your vote.

Brett would also like to remind voters that in coming up to what looks like a hectic cyclone season, to be prepared-to ensure your insurance up to date, and to read the fine print on your policies.

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