ART SPARK / A wander through DAB’S Exhibition

Join us for a visual exploration of the DAB End of Year Exhibition, an invitation for you to stop by at this wonderful showcase of a diverse range of artwork. Local artists have created paintings, botanical drawings, urban sketches, sculpture, ceramics, glass work, jewellery, mosaics and plenty more….

Historic St David’s Church urban sketch / Gail Shaw / Watercolour
Ceramics / Danielle Piat
A vivid display of paintings and the raffle at DAB’s End of Year Exhibition
Haiku Bowls / Sam Matthews / Clay
Little Bowls of Sunshine / Sam Matthews / Clay
Coconut Bowls / Sam Matthews / Clay
(Shin)Kintsugi on Japanese Teacup /George Brendecke / Urushi and 24K gold leaf
Botanical Drawings / Liz Showniruk

The Exhibition is an affirmation that despite the devastating impact of coronavirus, local creative industries can be the cornerstone of recovery for our communities and local economies.

DAB’s Exhibition is an exceptional opportunity to showcase our local talent, to get inspired, and to support local artists by purchasing in time for Christmas gift-giving. DAB, as our local community arts institution, contributes significantly to the revitalisation of our community, to the development of trust, improved health and wellbeing, and the promise of a more positive future.

Get involved, get supportive of our local creatives and #doItinDouglas this year!