CROC WATCH / Get CrocWise with new App


A new app will help to ensure we’re safer in crocodile territory, tracking the ancient reptiles as they travel through local waterways.

The QWildlife app indicates a crocodile’s size, location and the time it was last sighted. The app shows photographs of the crocodile that can be safely captured.

Using QWildlife, the public can:

  • report crocodile sightings to the Queensland government
  • submit photographs of crocodiles, nests or traps
  • view recent crocodile sightings and current problem crocodiles
  • find out how you can reduce your risk of crocodile attack
  • sightings can be recorded even when you re offline, submissions being made next time internet connection is established

“It will help keep waterways in croc country safer for people because they’ll have more information about where crocodiles are…the app will be important for croc country communities, anglers, boaties and recreational river users.”

Lindsay Delzoppo, spokesperson for the Department of Environment and Science

Mr Delzoppo also warns the community not to become complacent, “If they look on the site and see there’s no crocodile in the water, don’t assume it is safe to go there.”

Until today, members of the public called a 1300 telephone number to provide information about crocodiles and sightings with wildlife officers. The process was more lengthy with reports of it being frustrating to use. The new QWildlife app makes the process easier and more effective, with the public able to follow through with viewing how their reported sighting is being managed.

What happens when you report a sighting?

The Department takes all reports seriously and investigates each report it receives. Any actions taken in response to a crocodile sighting are guided by the Queensland Crocodile Management plan. If the crocodile poses a risk to people based on its size, location or behaviour, it may be targeted for removal.

The information received through QWildlife is added to the existing CrocWatch database, accessed via the Department’s website, details provided below.

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Be the first to know the latest news from the Douglas Shire.