Douglas Shire Council will hold an Ordinary Meeting on Tuesday, 15 December 2020, at 10am. Council are trialing a random draw to allow eight members of the public to attend the meeting. The meeting will be live-streamed via Council’s YouTube channel and an audio of the meeting will be available on Council’s website at the time the minutes are made available.


Daintree River Crossing-Community Consultation results report


Further to the overwhelming support for a two-ferry river crossing as opposed to constructing a bridge over the Daintree, that Council resume contract negotiations for Daintree Ferry Contract in 2021.

Material change of use for retirement facility at 111-119 Port Douglas Rd


That Council approves the material change of use development application by Port Pacific Developments for a Material Change of Use for a Retirement facility on land located at 111-119 Port Douglas Road, Port Douglas, formally described as Lot 3 on RP729991, subject to conditions.


  • The land is within the Medium density residential zone under the 2018 Douglas Shire Planning Scheme version 1.0 (the Planning Scheme) where the Retirement facility land use is code assessable.
  • The retirement facility proposed is an over 50s residential community with a mix of indoor and outdoor communal leisure facilities.
  • The retirement facility comprises of 41 private individual house sites, managers accommodation and central communal facilities.
  • The facility will be a gated community with dedicated management on site attending to the day to day operations.
  • The proposal includes a mix of indoor and outdoor communal facilities including a clubhouse with kitchen and bar area, 25 metre lap pool and a separate leisure pool, lawn bowls green, spa, billiards room, cinema, landscaped parks and gardens, gymnasium, arts and crafts room and a men’s shed style work shop.
  • The house sites range from 200 square metres to 350 square metres in area and the house designs have been prepared for each allotment to give a mix of one- and two-bedroom dwellings that provide off street parking and private open space.
  • The nomination of house designs, which make up part of the suite of approved plans ensures a functional and consistent built form across the development.
  • The house designs are all single storey.
  • The site will remain as a single title and the operation of the facility will be run by a single operator in accordance with the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003.
  • The residents will enter into a site agreement with the operator of the facility that covers rental of the house site and use of the facility’s common areas and communal facilities.
  • The site area is 1.745 hectares with frontage to Port Douglas Road and access via an existing service road.
  • The site generally falls from east to west, with most of the site draining to an existing drainage swale within the Mirage Country Club on the western boundary.
  • A Development Permit for Operational Works (Vegetation Damage) was obtained on 10 March 2020 to remove vegetation from the western region of the site and this work has recently occurred.
  • Surrounding land uses are predominantly residential, higher density residential and resort style development, with the Oaks Resort to the north and the Reef Resort Port Douglas to the south.
  • The application is code assessable and no submissions were received.
Preliminary concepts for retirement village at 111-119 Port Douglas Rd
Preliminary concepts for retirement village at 111-119 Port Douglas Rd
Preliminary concepts for retirement village at 111-119 Port Douglas Rd
Preliminary concepts for retirement village at 111-119 Port Douglas Rd

Application to change MCUC Short Term Accommodation and Ancillary facilities at 20 Warner St Port Douglas


That Council approves an amendment to the existing development permit for a Material Change of Use for Short-Term Accommodation (Motel) with ancillary uses of Food and Drink Outlet / Bar


  • Just over a year ago Council approved an infill development in Warner Street, Port Douglas. The site is very constrained and once developed this section of the streetscape will be completed.
  • The micro hotel is designed for a traveller with limited luggage and a desire to integrate into the community rather than retreat to the recreational areas in their hotel.
  • A concern raised with the approved development was the minimal extent of landscaped, communal areas that open to the elements.
  • The ability to provide such a recreational area was constrained by nature of the proposed development meeting the provision of a private balcony for each room and that communal areas needed to achieve all abilities access (via a lift).
  • The modified design seeks to incorporate a very small recreational facility on part of the roof area. The lift-well pops up to this level and the covering over this small area creates a “storey.”
  • The proposed modern thirty-six room motel is defined as short-term accommodation.
  • The development was approved over four levels, with the bulk of the ground level accommodating pedestrian access, vehicle parking and service and waste collection areas.
  • A small area of the ground floor will provide an active street interface for use as a combined reception and café/bar facility.
  • Access to the parking and service areas is via easements.
  • The new infill development will have a façade of four storeys at the street boundary that will include attributes to alleviate the visual presence in the Warner Street streetscape. These attributes incorporate architectural components, vertical landscaping, a setback of the roof at the fourth level and raking an awning over the balconies at the fourth level. These attributes successfully marry the development into the streetscape.
  • In this context, the proposed number of storeys was considered acceptable and the development was approved.
  • Proposal Application has been made for a minor change seeking an active, recreational roof area to incorporate two small plunge pools. To provide all access ability to this level, as required under the premise standards, the lift well has been extended to give access to this level. The design includes a simple roof over this recreational area.
  • Further detail will be required to ensure all abilities access to shallow dipping pools and this is a requirement under the building approval. It is good to achieve a design catering for younger tourists and travellers that also provides for all abilities.
  • At a meeting held on 3 December 2019, Council approved a Development Permit for a material change of use for short term accommodation (motel) with ancillary uses of Food and Drink Outlet / Bar.
  • Since the issue of the development permit the applicant has achieved a separate approval to reconfigure the land for a boundary realignment where Lot 1 on RP718896 and part of Lot 1 on SP267838 affected by the development permit with amalgamated into the new Lot 1 on SP316373.
  • Amongst other concerns, there may be an issue with compliance with the Local Plan – the site is very constrained due to its irregular shape, limited access, limited frontage (that must integrate with the streetscape), ground level height and associated storm side inundation levels and need for the short-term accommodation to be setback from the street frontage.
  • A concern raised with the existing design is the grouping of recreational landscaped open space into virtually common, internal areas balanced with private balconies for each hotel room.
  • Secondly, that the development cater for all abilities with suitable access to all common areas including the ground level foyer / food outlet / bar area.
  • The incorporation of a small roof top dipping pools is an improvement to the design and the access via a lift is an advantage.
  • Further access needs to be provided at the new roof level to provide for all and this is a usually building approval requirement. While the development is more than three storeys it achieves a reasonable infill development to an awkward site maintaining views to and from the backdrop of Flagstaff Hill, provides accommodation in the town centre and an active street front to engage pedestrians.
  • The additional “storey” is a protection of the pools and has a very limited presence to the streetscape and the Local Plan area.
  • For these reasons the development is considered, despite the conflict with the Performance Outcomes, to achieve the Local Plan purposes to ensure a high quality appearance and remain subservient to the backdrop of Flagstaff Hill.
Warner Sreet Hotel plans

Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program 2020-21 – Cooya to Mossman Stage 2 Construction


That Council resolves to enter into a funding agreement with the Queensland State government under the Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program for the Cooya to Mossman Stage 2 construction, and that they contribute 50% towards the total project cost for the project, to be allocated in the 2021-2022 Budget.


  • Under the Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program (CNLGGP) the Queensland Government and Councils work together to deliver and improve principal cycle networks across the State to achieve the Queensland Cycling Strategy 2017-2027 vision of ‘more cycling, more often’.
  • The CNLGGP provides funding for Councils to deliver cycling infrastructure projects that meet the program’s objectives.
  • In December 2019 Council submitted a funding application for Stage Two of the route to construct 2.6 kilometres of 3 metre wide, off-road shared path from Junction Bridge, along Bonnie Doon Road to the Cooya Beach Road intersection and finishing at the intersection of Bonnie Doon Road and Melaleuca Drive.
  • Council has been offered funding for $1.25 million for this Stage Two project.
  • The report seeks Council’s acceptance of the funding offer and approval of the required 50% contribution.

Douglas Hockey Association Inc. – Trustee Permit Part of Lot 92 SR81 Mossman

The Douglas Hockey Association Inc (DHA) is requesting Councils approval to secure a one year Trustee Permit on part of Lot 92 Crown Plan SP81 Mossman.


That Council offer a trustee permit to Douglas Hockey Association Inc. Over Part of Lot 92 Crown Plan SR 81 Mossman for a term of one year, with lease payments to be $500.00 per annum plus GST


  • The building and surrounding outside area was previously occupied by Enhanced Family Daycare who relinquished the area in June 2020.
  • The Douglas Hockey Association do not have sufficient space to store or have meetings at Coronation Park. Currently the club is sharing space with Junior Rugby but it is very limited. The Club has requested leasing the building at the entry to Coronation Park. If a trustee permit is secured the club will have sufficient storage and space to have club meetings and a place for the interim to call home.
  • The DHA have stated that they will share the use of the Permitted area with D.I.R.T. trail bike club and Rotary.

Council’s Financial Report November 2020

The Financial Report details the progress of the 2020/21 revised budget for the period ended 30 November 2020.


  • Operating revenue is behind budget by $154K.
  • Operating expenditure is under budget by $1.8m.
  • The Operating Surplus is currently $1.3m, compared to a budgeted Deficit of $355k.

Operating Revenue and Expenditure /

  • Council has received 45% of its annual budgeted operating revenue
  • Year to date operating expenditure is currently under budget
  • Operating revenue is currently behind budget, with variations occurring primarily within the categories as follows:
  • Rates and utility charges are currently $6k ahead of budget primarily due to an increase in water consumption
  • Daintree Ferry revenue is currently $82k behind budget. This includes refunds of $15k for the adopted 50% Bus ferry travel and a major decline in revenue which is on average $15k per week behind November 2019. This will need to be monitored closely as decrease is significantly behind forecast.
  • Other fees and charges are behind budget by $14k. This is due to refuse tipping fees are currently $5k ahead of budget, licence fees are currently $16k ahead budget. Issue of film permits contributes to this variance, property fees are currently $25k ahead of budget. and other fees and charges are currently $60k behind budget, Van parks are $7k behind budget primarily due to changes to Wonga Beach. Facility hire is $51k behind budget which includes a further $14k in refunds due to cancellations.
  • Grants and subsidies are ahead of budget by $8k.
  • Interest Income is currently $9k ahead of budget. $7k of this is due to interest on overdue rates and charges.
  • Other recurrent income is behind budget $80k, $35k is due to the transfer of Income to Offset waste levy expense as per Audit advice this is expected to be a recurring variance, and other revenue is behind due to timing of income from the sale of recycled materials.
  • On the operating expenditure side, year to date expenditure variations to budget are as follows:
  • Materials and services expenditure is currently under budget $1.2m. This variance is primarily due to timing of receipt of invoices and commencement of operational projects, Committals are currently $3.9m, which include Annual purchase orders for major contracts such as Ferry, Waste removal, etc.
  • Employee benefits are currently $351k under budget. This can be impacted by various factors, such as staff vacancies, the amount and timing of leave taken and the allocation of costs to capital expenditure. This variance includes an allowance for the impact of any EBA change which is nearly finalised.
  • Depreciation expense is currently $227k under budget and is impacted by completion of projects.
  • Finance Costs are currently $7k under budget, this is due to timing of bank merchant fees charged.
  • Capital Revenue and Expenditure /
  • Council has received 24% of its annual budgeted capital grants and subsidies and no contributions from developers at this stage. It should be noted that in addition to year-to-date capital expenditure of $7.1m, a further $4.9m had been committed as at the end of November 2020.
  • Operating Result /
  • The operating result is $1.6m ahead of budget with an operating surplus of $1.3m compared to a budgeted Deficit of $355

Tourism Port Douglas Daintree Annual and Quarterly Reports for noting


That Council receives and notes the Tourism Port Douglas Daintree Annual Report 2019/20, submitted in accordance with the Resource and Performance Agreement between TPDD and Douglas Shire Council; and receives and notes TPDD’s July to September Quarterly Activity Report 2020/21. The report presents a summary of funded activities under the Agreement.

The July to September 2020 Quarterly Activity Report shows TPDDs role has adapted to the changing environment, placing greater emphasis on advocacy and industry support while embracing marketing opportunities to drive economic recovery for the Douglas Shire.

In accordance with the Resource and Performance Agreement, Council’s 2019/2020 Budget provided $495,732.00 (GST Exc) in funding to support the delivery of activities by TPDD to support tourism in the Shire.


The TPDD Board CEO are proud to have accomplished the following:

• Identified a priority infrastructure list that will open opportunities for the region to grow and diversify in the years ahead,
• Achieve ECO Destination Certification under Sustainable Tourism Delivery,
• Advocacy during COVID 19 amplified by working alongside regional bodies to lobby for industry needs,
• Organisational leadership navigating through COVID-19 and effectively positioning TPDD to adapt to such a fast-moving and volatile environment,
• Working with Douglas Shire Council to secure 2021 operational funding, ensuring the ongoing solvency of the organisation, and
• in the process further strengthening ties with DSC as the key funding partner.

Contract 2021-048 Killaloe Transfer Station – Resource Recovery Centre


That Council resolves to award Contract for the construction of the Killaloe Transfer Station Resource Recovery Centre to Byrant Builders Pty Ltd of Cairns (ABN 25 076 958 453) for $1,029,360.00 exclusive of GST.


  • Council requires a contractor to complete the construction activities for the New Resource Recovery Centre at Killaloe Transfer Station.
  • The Resource Recovery Centre was adopted by council to construct after the State Government announced the introduction of the new waste levy, effective as at 1 July 2019.
  • The works are an approved project which is part of the Works for Queensland 2019 – 2021 Program and Douglas Shire Council will receive $565,000.00 in funding.

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