CONVERSATIONS / Bec & Bennett from Nectar

Congratulations on a business launch that was embraced with fiesty enthusiasm from all! Thank you for sharing your precious time with us today. We’d love to hear how Nectar came about.

“We are originally from Melbourne and at the start of 2018 we completed our goal of renovating our second home together.  We left our jobs and took off in our 4WD to explore Australia.

After travelling up the east coast, we landed in Port Douglas and haven’t quite been able to leave!

Throughout our travels we loved finding funky and unique eateries and grabbing an acai bowl before hitting the beach. We would often comment that Port could do with a bowls bar!

We were overseas in Thailand when COVID-19 hit and had to make a decision about where we should now lay down some roots. The answer just kept coming back to Port Douglas!

We were both up for a new challenge and while quarantining with friends, ideas were flying and Nectar was born. We felt there was room in town for another quick and healthy food option.

Fast-super-food, if you like.

We wanted to create a space that made it easy for vegans and people with dietary requirements to find something to eat. Gone are the days of having a humble vegemite sanga for lunch Monday to Friday. We all enjoy more variety nowadays and we hope to bring a couple of new options for the town to enjoy.

It was a scary time to be starting a new business but we were confident in our concept, and pushed through any doubts we had! Bennett is a carpenter by trade and Bec an interior designer, so we loved sinking our teeth into fitting out the space and seeing our vision come to life.”

Tell us what we can find on the menu at Nectar?

“On our menu you will find a range of acai and smoothie bowls, fresh juices and a range of delicious smoothies.”

We consider ourselves a Smoothie and Bowls Bar, but we’re so much more than that too!

Our fridge is stocked with a variety of grab-and-go options, from fresh salads and rolls, to delicious peanut butter protein balls.

Our customers are loving our retail goodies including health and wellness books, protein powders and supplements, eco-friendly home products and gifts.”

How has your opening been?

“A complete blur in the best possible way!

We had no idea what to expect after putting so much work into creating the space and fine-tuning our concept.  It was daunting opening the doors for the first time-wondering how it would be received.

We were blown away with the positive feedback and so thankful to all the locals who have come to say hello and try our range.

We are very lucky to have a great support network around us and have had a couple of special friends by our side throughout the launch which made it even more fun.”

“We are head-over-heels for this town!

Starting Nectar has only cemented our love even more. The warm welcome we received from other businesses was so humbling. The best part is the people you meet every day. We love a chat!”

Bec from NECTAR

What is proving to be the hottest item on the menu?

“We have been amazed by the response we have had from our bowls. It turns out we are not the only ones who love an acai bowl!

Our ‘Queenslander’ is by far our most popular item on the menu, an acai based bowl, layered with a mango passionfruit puree, topped with fresh fruit, macadamia nuts, crunchy granola and toasted coconut flakes.

It’s the perfect bowl for the tropics.

We have especially loved the response we have seen from our local teenagers.

We are glad Nectar feels welcoming to them and are happy to provide a fun safe space for them to come and get together with friends. Seeing the younger generation get excited about nutritious food and making healthy choices has been so great to see!”

What trends in your niche of the food industry do you expect to really take off in 2021?

“We have a couple ideas up our sleeve for the up-coming busy season, we’d love everyone to follow our social media accounts to stay up to date!”

What is your favourite ingredient?

“Aaaaaaaaacai! Of course! We cannot get enough of the stuff.

Found on acai palm trees in the South American rainforests, acai berries are nutrient dense, packed with antioxidants, aid digestion and are immune boosting… just to name a few of their benefits! Oh, and they’re delicious!

We use acai flow in our bowls which is a premium grade acai. We buy our acai in a puree, which goes through our soft serve machine, turning it into the perfect consistency. We wanted to offer our bowls in a quick manner, and ensure the texture was perfect, every time!

Our acai has nothing artificial and no preservatives.”

When you’re not working, how do you enjoy your down time?

“You’ll find Bennett chasing fish or strumming his guitar, and Bec doodling with watercolours.”

What has been your favourite summer read?

Bennett enjoyed Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey while Bec rates Greenwood by Michael Christie at the top of her summer reads.

What’s on the Nectar playlist?

“We are both huge music lovers. The first thing to go on in the morning after the light switch is the stereo. Depending on how we are feeling on the day, you could hear anything from old soul classics like Otis Redding to more current electronic or dub beats like Fat Freddies Drop to get us in the mood.”

hours/ Tuesday- Sunday 7.30am – 3pm
3/48 Macrossan St Port Douglas, QLD, Australia 4877




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Be the first to know the latest news from the Douglas Shire.