ON THE AGENDA / Douglas Shire Council

Items to be discussed include:

5.1 Material Change of Use for Hotel (Wine Bar) 5-7 Front Street, Mossman

Council is receipt of a development application for a material change of use of premises for a Hotel (Wine Bar) over land at 9-11 (Mossman Hotel)and 5-7 Front Street, Mossman.

5-7 Front Street holds a coin laundry, shop and food and drink outlet let via separate tenancies. The wine bar proposal is in place of the previous Mossman Cycle Sports tenancy. Caretakers accommodation exists above the former bicycle shop.

The hotel land use definition is being pursued instead of the bar land use as the bar land use limits patronage to 60 persons. Patronage is proposed for 80-100 people.

Both allotments are under the same ownership and the wine bar will be licensed as an extension of the Mossman Hotel liquor license with the intent for the new tenancy to become a boutique wine bar.

The hotel land use required impact assessment within the Centre Zone.

Public notification was carried out and no submissions were received.

The application required referral to the State Assessment and Referral Agency as the allotments front a State Transport Corridor.

The application is recommended for approval subject to conditions.

5.2 Storm Tide Inundation Methodology Study

The purpose of the Study is to review and analyse different methodologies, identify a best practise model for the Shire’s coastal urban areas, run this preferred best practise model and calculate the minimum heights for the 1% AEP storm tide inundation for the year 2100 having regard to a 0.8m AHD sea level rise for urban coastal properties.

The Study also aimed to achieved research and data that could be utilised by other coastal areas throughout the State.

The study aimed at achieving a higher level of certainty for the community.

Council has gained benefit from the increased knowledge in this area of coastal engineering. Those wishing to build a house along the coastline will have a greater understanding about the potential risk of storm tide and the study increases the Shire’s knowledge and resilience to the extreme events of storm tide inundation.

5.3 Safe Places Emergency Accommodation Funding Agreement

The Safe Places Emergency Accommodation Grant from the Australian Government Department of Social Services awarded Douglas Shire Council $760,400.00 (GST excl) for capital works funding for a domestic violence facility.

Under the terms of the funding agreement Council is required to commit the property to operating as emergency or crisis accommodation for at least 15 years. This report seeks Council’s acceptance of the funding offer and approval of the required commitment to operate as an emergency or crisis accommodation for at least 15 years.

Background / Douglas Shire has one of Queensland’s highest rates of reported domestic and family violence yet has no crisis or supported accommodation service. The current practice of referring women to refuges in Cairns or further afield necessitates them leaving family, friends, jobs and schools in order to receive help, which is ineffective and hinders recovery. Council has been working with Queensland Police Service and local community service providers to advocate for the establishment of a domestic violence accommodation facility in the region since 2017.

5.4 Application for temporary road closure over part of unnamed road adjoining Lots 1 – 6 on C2254 Andreassen Road, Craiglie

Council has received a request from the owner of Lots 1-6 on C2254 Andreassen Road, Craiglie with respect to a proposed temporary road closure, situated adjacent to these lots.

 Council is unable to authorise the proposed temporary road closure, as it does not have a local law which empowers it to do so.

As such, Council requests DNRME to consider an application under the Land Act with respect to this matter.

During internal consultation, no objections were raised against the proposal.

5.5 Application for permanent road closure adjoining Lot 204 on SP264765 Captain Cook Highway, Killaloe

Council has received an application from a land owner, regarding a proposal to permanently close the unnamed road reserve which dissects the applicants (2) adjoining lots.

These lots being Lots 203 and 204 on SP264765, Captain Cook Highway Killaloe. Council is unable to authorise the proposed permanent road closure, as it does not have a local law which empowers it to do so. As such, Council requests DNRME to consider an application under the Land Act with respect to this matter. During internal consultation, no objections were raised against the proposal.

5.6 Contract WO5040-02 – Donovan Range Pavement Upgrade

Douglas Shire Council requires a contractor to construct a new concrete roadway upgrade at Donovan Range, located on the Cape Tribulation-Bloomfield Road.

Sections of Donovan’s Range are susceptible to damage during the wet season and requires continual maintenance.

Douglas Shire Council has received funding under the 2019 Betterment Grant – Category D, provision of Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

The project budget is $3,910,918.00 (exclusive of GST) with a contribution of $3,738,257.00 (exclusive of GST) provided by the Queensland and Australian Governments.

The existing unsealed road is steep, slippery and subject to regular loss of pavement materials. It is situated in the Wet Tropics and located close to the Great Barrier Reef. The scope of works will include, minor earthworks, improvements to stormwater drainage and construction of a rigid concrete pavement to improve the road surface.

Significant environmental improvements will also be gained by sealing the road. A concrete pavement is the most appropriate solution due to its durability, steepness of the site and low maintenance needs.

Cairns-based Geo Construct Pty Ltd is the recommended tenderer for the contract.

5.7 Financial Report December 2020

Financial Report details the progress of the 2020/21 revised budget for the period ended 31 December 2020.

Key points to note include the following:

· Operating revenue is ahead of budget by $96K.

· Operating expenditure is under budget by $1.6m.

· The Operating Deficit is currently $1.8m, compared to a budgeted Deficit of $3.5m.

5.8 Complaints about the Public Official Policy


· Adopts the Complaints about the Public Official Policy as per section 48A of the Crime and Corruption Act 2001; and

· Delegates authority to the Manager Governance under section 257 of the Local Government Act 2009 to incorporate any administrative changes required to the policy following the review by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

5.9 Provision of Superannuation for Councillors

To consider the provision of superannuation benefits for Councillors.

5.10 Water and Wastewater Quarterly Report for period ending 31 December 2020

This report documents progress on key operational and service delivery areas as well as the Regulatory compliance status within the Water and Wastewater Branch for the period 01 October to 31 December 2020.

 In this reporting period Level 1 water restrictions remained in place, there were sporadic bouts of heavy rain events which boosted the intake levels.

Water and Wastewater capital work projects are progressing well and are on target for completion in the 2021 financial year.

Most of the carry-over projects have also been finalised such as the lime dosing shed, refurbishment of the Craiglie Reservoir and Cooya Beach Reservoir pipeline design assessment.

5.11 Operational Plan Progress Report for period October to December 2020

This report details the progress for the second quarter of this financial year in implementing Council’s Operational Plan 2020-2021.

5.12 CEO Report for period October to December 2020

These reports present an outline of the operational initiatives and progress made by Council’s Administration from October to December 2020. As part of the administration’s review and continual improvement in the way the business of Council is communicated, the “Organisational Report Card” was developed to provide a regular snapshot for Councillors and the community on a selection of operational indicators.

Council Meetings are now open to the public, for a maximum of 10 people, due to size of the room and to allow for social distancing.

Council requires that all guests register (to assist with contract tracing) their details prior to entering the Meeting Room.

Council staff will rotate in and out of the room to ensure the COVID safe capacity is adhered to.

The meeting will be live-streamed online and can be accessed by clicking here.


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Be the first to know the latest news from the Douglas Shire.