POLICE BEAT / Missing adventurers located after snail trek


Laura Police have located two men after a snail searching expedition came to a sudden halt.

A 60-year-old Redlynch man and a 72-year-old Cranbrook man ventured north of Cairns on Monday with the intention of finding a rare Australian snail species.

The men left Cairns early Monday morning, February 1, and travelled north to the remote Palmerville station, west of Lakeland.

At around 10am that morning, the men’s journey came to an abrupt end when their vehicle became stuck in thick mud.

Without phone reception, the men were unable to call for assistance.

Having lived and travelled through remote areas of Australia their entire life, the men were well prepared, having five days worth of food and water on board.

Police warn motorists to take extreme caution when driving through remote North Queensland

After failing to return home the following day, February 2, family members contacted local police and provided the GPS co-ordinates of the mens’ target destination and a missing person investigation commenced.

Around 2.30pm on Wednesday, February 3, Senior Constable Adam Frew from Laura Police Station drove out towards the provided GPS location, when he located the two men at a washed out causeway.

Covered in mozzie bites with smiles from ear to ear the men were now back in safe hands.

Senior Constable Frew managed the winch the men’s car out of the bog and had them travelling back home with a story to tell.

“Providing family with extensive details of the journey allowed us to locate these men quickly in very difficult terrain.”


Police are encouraging anyone venturing into remote country to always carry sufficient water, food and a satellite phone in case of any unexpected trouble.