JOIN THE ANT HUNT / Free Yard Check


Far North Queensland residents can help to eradicate the exotic electric ant pest by registering for a free yard check. Member for Cook Cynthia Lui said an intensive surveillance blitz will target the Cairns, Port Douglas, Mareeba, Tablelands and Cassowary Coast regions in February.

“Residents in these areas can ‘Join the Ant Hunt’ campaign by registering for a free yard check by calling us on 13 25 23 or visiting,” Ms Lui said.

“Electric ants are a serious invasive pest that have the potential to affect our health and outdoor lifestyle, as well as our tourism and agriculture industries.

“They have only been detected in Far North Queensland where surveillance, treatment and containment measures are continuing, with significant progress made to eradicate them.”

National Electric Ant Eradication Program Manager Gary Morton said it is in everyone’s interest to help to eradicate electric ants.

“There are simple things that people can do to reduce the risk of bringing electric ants onto their property,” he said.

“Electric ants live in soil and most materials that touch soil, including plant and inorganic materials. Moving these materials poses a serious risk of spreading the pest,” he said.

“If buying or swapping pot plants or cuttings, get them checked or self-quarantine them and, if you see any suspect ants or are being stung in your garden or pool, contact our Program on 13 25 23.”

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