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In Response to “DAINTREE RIVER FERRY / Council announces tender for interim contract”

Douglas Shire Council has advised that they will be proceeding with a tender for an interim ferry service after negotiations with the existing service provider proved unsuccessful.

Well this is turning into a goat rodeo!


In Response to / DOUGLAS SHIRE / Rising Community Concern Over Proposed Development

A passionate community group, Protect Our Paradise launched in the Douglas Shire last week, with the intention of bringing greater awareness to their concerns over a proposed development on the iconic Flagstaff Hill that they argue may pave the way for further high rise development throughout the Shire.

DouglasNews.Network takes a closer look at the issues involved…

I think Mr Gurner might need to check his dictionary for the definition of ‘resort’. I’m all for a beautifully designed and functional facility which meets all planning requirements, which doesn’t require the decimation of our environment, which doesn’t require paying off the State or Local Governments and which doesn’t require manipulation of its definition to pass specific regulations/laws.


Easy to see why the developers (who know the cost of everything, but the value of nothing) were so keen to get their hands on the mayoral chain! Many of us fought for years to avoid seeing Port turned into the junk heap that is Cairns but avarice, poor taste and ignorance appear to have won the day. Sad.


Everyone needs to go into DSC and look for themselves about the proposal. It sounds like the proposed big splash pool design that just appeared one day on the front of The Gazette.


I do hope that everybody gets behind to have these unwanted developments like Grant Street as well as the new resort proposed for Flagstaff Hill totally not in the town plan regulations is our new mayor in bed with the developers or what? It is totally ridiculous. also we have to protect our agricultural land from future urban sprawl to keep our cane land and our workers at the mill which employs a lot of local workers as well as apprenticeships, let’s hope all the councillors get on top of this and have these ridiculous propose (sic) stopped and thrown out the window forever and protect our Shire for future generations and tourist alike.❞


In Response To / OPINION / Fragile Democracy, Mouldy Mayonnaise & Corporate Influence

❝The fragility of Australian democracy has been illustrated again in the past week with further exposure of unsatisfactory political funding rules and the preselection defeat of the arch-conservative longest-serving Member of the House of Representatives Kevin Andrews for the safe plush eastern Melbourne seat of Menzies….❞

Political donors and lobbyists roam the hallways of Parliament frequently to extract favours for themselves. Corruption is ongoing while there is no Independent Commission Against Corruption. ( ICAC). Any proposal put forward to establish a commission is voted down by the Government. It does not take a genius to understand why.


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