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We woke up this morning as flabbergasted with facebook as always, but this particular manoeuvre was quite a doozy!

It’s rather sad that we’ve come to depend on facebook for our newsfeeds, and in a sense, this is a silver-lined cloud for us.  

We remain absolutely dedicated to providing our community with quality news, views and analysis of issues that affect and inform us in the Douglas Shire. There has never been a greater need for independent and responsible journalism, a free press in the Douglas Shire that allows for robust debate and engagement.

We relish this new opportunity to innovate and to go the distance to challenge what you might be reading or watching elsewhere, while addressing the issues that we feel deserve great scrutiny, or at least attention.

Don’t forget that we are also home to:

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What will change is the way we deliver our news and events to you, and that will continue to evolve.

For now, there are a range of options to suit your different preferences.


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Suddenly the knight in shining armour, looks like we’re all going to be hanging out in the twitterverse a bit more often than we have done.  Follow our tweets.


The rules haven’t changed over at Insta yet, so be sure to follow our feed here.


Cleverchops can add DouglasNews.Network as an app icon on your iPhone home screen. With one click, you’re in the feed!

We’ll post our content on these platforms for now and we’d love your support in helping share awareness of how to find us in the new facebook-free era!

If you have any ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you, either in the messenger box on our website, or via email

Thank you for your support, as always,

the team at DouglasNews.Network

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