Meet Port Douglas’ School Leaders for 2021

port douglas state school captains

Port Douglas State School has inducted School Captains, Sports Captains and Reef Guardians into their positions for 2021. School Principal, Mr Kenneth Schaumberg, inducted the new leaders with the assistance of Councillor Abigail Noli from Douglas Shire Council.

THE new leaders are student representatives, and as such, act as an intermediary between the school staff, administration, and the students. The 2021 Captains and Reef Guardians are elected on the basis of character traits and values such as honesty, respect responsibility, persistence, care, kindness, approachability and reliability.

During their induction, the proud new leaders took an Oath of Office, a solemn promise about their behaviour and/or actions. The new leaders are expected to uphold the promises made.

Reef Guardians are leaders in the Reef Guardian schools program. Students, teachers, their communities and local environmental agencies, make positive environmental changes for the marine environment.
The program empowers students with involvement in reef and ocean protection. Throughout the year, students will team up with others in the Douglas Shire community to actively take part in activities aimed at improving catchments, water quality, sustainability, and reef health.

2021 School Captains: Abigail Muller, Ema Parker, Guy Hocking and Harvey Donohue
2021 Sports Captains: Kirrbaji – Kea Kerslake, Tye Kerslake Girra Girra – Katelyn Meadows, Toby Cooper Djilibiri – Bella De Santis, Joey Callipari Bundarra – Naya Peterson, Oliver Van Uffelen 2021
Reef Guardians: Amelia Radley, Saphira De Caux, Chelsea Gibson, Rafael Coombe, Summer Bannerman, Anton Callipari, Kye Sullivan, Millie Cabalzar