Letter to The Editor / What Happened at Wonga Beach?

Official Response from Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME):

Re poisoned coconuts near Pinnacle Village, a Department of Resources spokesperson:

“During January, the department undertook some vegetation management on state land adjacent to Wonga Beach. This involved treatment of Singapore Daisy to reduce its competition with 213 germinating native seedlings. It also saw the treatment of 65 coconut trees that were competing with other desirable native species.”

This is a sad, but excellent, example, of “siloing” where organisations and Government departments fail to communicate with each other (or just won’t). I gather that DNRME did not advise the Council either. While the killing of the coconuts fits well within the Council’s Coconut Management Plan, this was done by a State agency.

I wonder which coconuts they nailed – high fecundity or just any old coconut? I’ve never been to Wonga Beach perhaps I should take a trip there.

Speaking of siloing – Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) are infamous for not communicating with other land managers (including Wet Tropics), Council isn’t much better (Oh, if there’s a complaint, they are right onto it!). DNRME are just as bad. And you wonder why we can’t get a coherent policy on environmental issues?

Hugh Spencer

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