What Happened to the Rosewood Trees Along Warner Street?

An independent arborist report, commissioned by Douglas Shire Council, has discovered some of the rosewood trees located on Warner Street were likely poisoned.

Council has sent samples taken from the affected trees to a laboratory for analysis to accurately determine the details of the herbicide used.

The independent arborist report investigated all possible factors which may have contributed either directly or indirectly to decline of the assessed trees.

“Symptoms were uniform and consistent in nature, indicating an event which has impacted upon all of the affected trees within a short timeframe,” the report stated.

The report stated a number of trees were unlikely to recover.

Council will continue to closely monitor the trees and do everything it can to give the affected trees the best chance of survival.

Staff will also start exploring available options for mature replacement trees in the event some of the trees are unable to recover.

The assessed trees will be maintained in coming weeks to ensure there is no threat to public property or safety.

Earlier March 17 update – Council Monitoring Rosewood Trees

Douglas Shire Council is investigating the declining health of several rosewood trees in Warner Street, Port Douglas.

The row of trees, located on the eastern side of the street, has shown signs of serious stress in the past two weeks.

Council Officers will continue to monitor the health of the trees which are an important natural asset to the town.

An independent arborist will inspect the trees and provide a report to Council.


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Be the first to know the latest news from the Douglas Shire.