Daintree River Ferry Dredging Under Way

Douglas Shire Council advises that dredging works to the Daintree River Ferry channel is occurring daily from 9.00pm to the early morning every day until Wednesday 31 March, 2021.

Minor delays may be experienced for those travelling across the Daintree River between 9pm to 12am each night.

There is no anticipated disruption of ferry services, and normal hours of operation will continue.

A second round of dredging will be completed Monday 19 April to Sunday 25 April.

While all aspects of operating the Daintree Ferry are the responsibility of the contractor, including the ferry driver, traffic controllers to load and unload vehicles, and staffing of the ticket booths, ferry fees and charges are set by Douglas Shire Council each year and the revenue collected goes to Council.

Douglas Shire Council is also responsible for maintaining the channel across the river to accommodate the ferry. Dredging of the channel is performed under a permit from Department of Environment and Science.

The current status of Daintree Ferry negotiations is unknown, as Council could not successfully negotiate with the current operator after lengthy public consultation over the community preference for a bridge or a ferry.

Council had invited tenders to supply an interim ferry until the proposed 36-vehicle electric ferry and the current 27-vehicle ferry are commissioned, and no further information after the closure date of the tender have been released to the public.