2021 Community Satisfaction And Attitudes Survey


Douglas Shire Council recently engaged research company, Market Facts, to complete a 2021 Community Satisfaction and Attitudes Survey.

The survey is a follow up to the previous report completed in 2017 which was a benchmark survey of community attitudes measuring levels of satisfaction with the services provided by Council.

The objectives of the surveys are to:

  1. Survey relevant categories of the members of the Douglas Shire Council community, in order
    (i) provide measurements of residents’ attitudes and opinions, and
    (ii) provide diagnostic information and analyses,
    regarding the extent to which the Council’s provision of works, facilities and relevant administrative
    services meets the community’s perceived priorities.
  2. Compare the results against the most recent (July 2017) Provincial LGA ‘norms’ established by
    the LGAQ’s biennial surveys.
  3. Provide number-based detail which can be used to calculate relative priorities between the 42
    primary policy areas for which Council is responsible according to the “weighted averages” of
    community perceptions, after taking into account both existing Council Performance as well as
    basic community priorities (i.e. ratings for Importance).

A copy of the 2017 report is available here.

Field researchers are currently randomly contacting members of the public for telephone interviews.

The survey is optional and for those who have the time and choose to participate, your cooperation and assistance is appreciated.