Update / Warner Street Rosewood Trees


The removal of rosewood trees on Warner St has been postponed after a second independent arborist report recommended further maintenance and monitoring may give the trees a chance of survival.

A second independent arborist report assessed a sample of trees which found good sap flow and no hydraulic failure.

In line with the first arborist report, the trees are still considered to be in a state of stress and decline.

The arborist has recommended any deadwood posing a public safety risk should be removed.

In addition, the arborist has also recommended the cleaning of the crowns, the root zones be aerated and a broad spectrum fertiliser applied.

Council will start removing deadwood from the trees this week and continue monitoring the trees’ health to give the trees the best chance of survival, as well as ensure the avenue of trees remains safe for the public.

Samples taken from the affected trees and soil have been sent to a laboratory for analysis. A report is due in one to two weeks.

Council is in direct contact with Warner St stakeholders and is inviting members of the public to register for updates by emailing community liaison@douglas.qld.gov.au .