Council Update / Rosewood Trees On Warner St

warner st rosewood

A toxicology report, commissioned by Douglas Shire Council, has confirmed a number of rosewood trees on Warner St were poisoned.

The laboratory tests found concentrated traces of chemicals called dicamba and metolachlor OXA in samples taken from the leaves of impacted trees.

These chemicals are found in a variety of common herbicides that can be easily purchased from hardware and agricultural suppliers.

Council will send the toxicology results to two independent arborists to provide an expert conclusion of the findings and further recommendations.

The two initial arborist reports, which presented differing views on what may have occurred, and toxicology report is available for viewing at Council’s website to assist with the public’s understanding.

Once an expert analysis of the toxicology results is complete, Council will determine how to conduct further investigation and consider filing a police report to assist with this process.

Crews recently pruned the affected trees to keep the street safe for motorists and pedestrians, with the root zones of trees to be aerated and a broad-spectrum fertiliser applied to improve their health.

While a number of trees still show signs of life, there is hope for their survival and Council will continue to work with arborists to give the impacted trees the best chance of survival.

Over the past two years, Council has worked very closely with stakeholders to ensure the beauty of the street was maintained while drainage and footpath improvements were completed. 

We acknowledge how important the avenue of trees is to our community and understand how difficult it has been for people to watch their decline in recent weeks.

Council has committed to replacing any trees required for removal with six-metre-high rosewood trees as part of a landscaping program for the street. 

Council is in direct contact with Warner St stakeholders and is inviting members of the public to register for updates by emailing community .



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Be the first to know the latest news from the Douglas Shire.