DSSG Media Statement / Douglas Shire Council and the Daintree Ferry

daintree ferry tender

Douglas Shire Sustainability Group (DSSG) is relieved that a ferry service will continue to operate across the Daintree River. 

“The ferry service is a critical service for residents and visitors alike, and it is recognised as an iconic feature of the Daintree visitor experience.” said Didge McDonald, President.

Like many others, DSSG is disappointed that the situation has resulted in Douglas Shire Council purchasing the ferry – at considerable cost to ratepayers and possibly visitors. 

“We have no idea who the new ferry operator will be – we hope that the new operator will continue to employ local people and to offer a reliable and safe passage”.

The Council decisions comes six months after a clear vote 3:1 by residents and ratepayers to retain the two ferry proposal rather than investigate a bridge.

daintree ferry decision

“Our members are disappointed that the negotiation for a ferry contract, including a new solar powered second ferry has taken so long and cost so much money.” said Mr McDonald. “We fear that the delay and costs mean the second solar ferry is now lost to us”.

“Why didn’t Council extend the current ferry contract and proceed with a new solar ferry to relieve congestion? Does this mean the push for a bridge to replace the ferry service is still on the agenda despite overwhelming support for two ferries?

Didge McDonald, President DSSG

DSSG members would like those issues clarified, and the total cost of the new contract to be revealed as soon as possible.”

Didge McDonald

President DSSG

Ph: 0418852545

Email: sustainabilitydouglas@gmail.com