Letter to the Editor / An Open Letter to Paul Makin of FAB FM

Dear Paul,

In your interview with Bruno Bennett podcast on FabFM on 19 May 2021, you were insistent that the Douglas Shire town planning system works and that Bruno and others should have faith in it.  

In almost the same breath, you said the Coconut Grove development comprised five storeys. 

Can you see the oxymoron here? 

If the town planning system had worked, how would a five-level development such as the Coconut Grove have been approved?  

I presume that you are aware of the circumstance as to how and why Coconut Grove was approved? 

I would appreciate you filling your listeners in on this in an upcoming podcast.

Thank you,

Ruth Grischy, Mowbray

Member of Douglas Shire Historical Society

Image Credit / Coconut Grove

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1 year ago

Under what Mayoral admin was the Coconut Grove facility approved and built? Leu’s or Kerr’s?