Working Cattle Dog Trials Bring Crowds to Miallo

A steady entourage of spectators, whether curious or devoted, came along to Tati Road in Miallo to view the weekend’s schedule of events for the FNQ Dog trails.

A fine selection of talented cattle dogs and their handlers from around the Shire competed in a series of trials testing skills, obedience, and agility with more than a few dogs displaying a few tricks up the sleeve. Every dog from Spud, Gus, Jess, Ruby, Sam, Duncan, Lacey, to Frank Sinatra, strutted their skills on the course.

Working cattle dogs are generally kept and/ or worked on rural properties by or for primary producers for the purpose of herding, droving, protecting, tending or working stock or being trained to do so.

Most events were for professionals and novices but even amateurs had a chance to get out on the paddock with their dogs, amounting to great fun and entertainment for all involved.

A bar, a temptingly delicious smoker and canteen kept both spectators and competitors more than satisfied.

The event, while continuing into tomorrow, was surely a wonderful success for all involved.

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Image Credit/ Facebook/Bobbie-Lee Currie,

Image Credit: Facebook/Bobbie-Lee Currie

mage Credit: Facebook/Bobbie-Lee Currie

Image Credit: Facebook/Bobbie-Lee Currie

Image Credit: Facebook/Bobbie-Lee Currie

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Results from the event will be published here :

Did you know?

 The work performed by each Livestock Working Dog throughout its working life is estimated to have an average value of AU$40,000

[Estimating the Economic Value of Australian Stock herding dogs 2014. ER Arnott, JB Early, CM Wade, PD McGreevy. Faculty of Veterinary Science University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia]