Letter to the Editor / Warren Entsch Promises

❝I smiled when I read that Warren Entsch is promising over $19 million for a power microgrid up the Daintree. 

It reminded me of one of his 2010 promises to fund a $250M Daintree monorail, “It’s not a fairytale … not a monument to stupidity as some people have portrayed it,” he said at the time.

Then I remembered the promise of a $240M Sport and Cultural Precinct in Cairns, 

“This is not smoke and mirrors; this is real funding.”

And what about the “tunnel under Trinity Inlet or a bridge over to East Trinity” that he talked about for years?

He’s also been promising for over a decade to bring insurance costs down.

Sorry Warren, I don’t believe you.

Lots of self-promotion and promises but very little real action.

There must be an election coming.❞

Val Schier