Unique Daintree Lowlands Lot Earns Nature Refuge Status

Kurranji Bubu renaming

Following a decade of painstaking restoration and management, Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Road, Diwan – connected to the famed Daintree Rainforest – has been granted nature refuge status, and will now be known, forevermore, as Kurranji Bubu.

Kurranji Bubu is an ecologically significant parcel of restored rainforest land, home to 14 rare species and provides critical habitat for the endangered Southern Cassowary, the Pygmy possum and Bennett’s tree kangaroo.

This important conservation status was celebrated this week on site, with the traditional name of Kurranji Bubu (Cassowary Land), granted by the local Yalanji language committee and conveyed by local Yalanji Traditional owner, Andrew John Solomon.

Rainforest Rescue CEO Branden Barber said this landmark accomplishment is a tribute to the many people who invested time, money and hard work into this special land.

“When Rainforest Rescue purchased this lot in 2010, it was a polluted and rubbish strewn junkyard, neglected and scarred by exotic oil palm production and teeming with weeds.”

Rainforest Rescue CEO, Branden Barber
Kurranji Bubu renaming, Image Credit ©Martin Stringer

“Thanks to the hard work and investment by many, many dedicated volunteers – responsible for removing 180 tonnes of rubbish and planting over 37,000 trees across 146 species – and many, many supporters who contributed their financial energy – 10 years later we are now the proud guardians of a pristine nature refuge…”having the support of the local Traditional Owners and their granting this beautiful name is a perfect capstone for this achievement.”

Rainforest Rescue CEO, Branden Barber

Hundreds of individual and major donors contributed to the rescue of this land, including Rainforest Rescue’s biggest business contributor BioPak, along with Forest Super Foods, Koskela, Platinum, RANT Clothing, WILD Life Conservation Fund, and many, many more.

The legally binding nature refuge conservation status ensures Kurranji Bubu will be protected in perpetuity by Rainforest Rescue and the Queensland State Government.

“Getting this important parcel in the heart of the Daintree well on its way to being restored to its former glory is an incredibly important moment and really speaks to the core purpose of Rainforest Rescue’s work”.

Rainforest Rescue works successfully to protect the unprotected lowland Daintree Rainforest through buying back at-risk rainforest to prevent future development, and propagating thousands of trees annually to support our restoration projects, increasing the footprint of the Daintree and its unique, at-risk habitat.

“We’re extremely fortunate and grateful to share this responsibility and success story of Kurranji Bubu with all our supporters and the world – it’s very inspiring” Mr Barber said.

About Rainforest Rescue /

Established in 1999, Rainforest Rescue focuses on protecting high conservation value rainforest in and around Queensland’s World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest.
Rainforest Rescue does this by purchasing rainforest properties, restoring them through planting, maintenance and weed removal, and working to have their biodiversity forever protected by law.
Rainforests are under constant threat from development and climate change, to see how you can help visit: https://www.rainforestrescue.org.au/


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