The Buffet is Back / Further Eased Restrictions in Queensland in Time For the School Holidays

eased restrictions

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced a further easing of restrictions that will allow more people into more places. And the buffet is back!

As part of the new Economic Recovery Plan Roadmap, from 1:00am this Friday:

Indoor venues can grow from one person per two square metres to three people per four square metres including hostels and B and Bs, an increase of 50%
• No limit on gatherings in homes
• No limit on outdoor places
• No restrictions on aged care, disability services and hospitals
• Self-service food is back

“This is another example of how our strong health response is enabling our economy to come back faster,” the Premier said.

The decision allowing the return of buffets and smorgasboards for venues such as hotels, resorts, and reef boats will be very welcomed acorss the Douglas Shire, just in time for school holidays.

With these eased restrictions, more venues like food courts, open houses, hairdressers, casinos, theme parks and caravan parks will now be required to use the Queensland Check In App.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said eased restrictions will also assist the music industry.

“They can have more people under the three per four square metre rule and dancing is perfectly ok,” Dr Young said.

“Industry plans can now be replaced with a standard checklist and that will just make life easier for everyone.”

Details of Eased Restrictions

From 1:00 am 25 June 2021 restrictions apply for all Queensland.

Introducing a new travel declaration for anyone entering Queensland and expanding the mandatory Check In Qld app to more sectors means we will significantly increase our contact tracing ability and can ease the following restrictions across Queensland.

Fewer COVID Safe Plans will be required – instead they will be replaced with a single checklist.

Indoor premises /

Three people per 4m2 or 100% allocated seated and ticketed capacity (e.g. restaurants, cafés, pubs, clubs, museums, art galleries, places of worship and convention centres).
Three people per 4m2 for commercial residential facilities (including hostels, B&Bs and short term rentals).
Three people per 4m2 at indoor play areas and unattended retail and need to comply with the new COVID Safe Checklist.*
Hospitals, aged care and disability centres: No restrictions.

Wedding ceremonies /

Three people per 4m2 or 100% allocated seated and ticketed capacity (whichever is preferred).
All guests can dance (indoors and outdoors) subject to the three people per 4m2 rule.

Funerals /

Three people per 4m2 or 100% allocated seated and ticketed capacity (whichever is preferred).

Gatherings /

No limit on gatherings in homes, however list of attendees must be kept for gatherings with more than 100 people.
No limit for people gathering in outdoor public spaces across Queensland.

Self-service food /

No restrictions.

Indoor events /

Three people per 4m2 or 100% allocated seated and ticketed capacity and need to comply with the new COVID Safe Checklist.*

Ticketed venues /

100% capacity with allocated seating (e.g. theatre, live music, cinemas, indoor sports, universities and other higher education institutions).

Dancing /

Dancing is allowed in all indoor and outdoor venues including pubs, beer gardens, clubs and nightclubs and at dancing and music festivals, subject to the three people per 4m2 rule. Need to comply with new COVID Safe Checklist.*

Open air stadiums, casinos and large convention centres /

100% allocated seated and ticketed capacity (with a COVID Safe Plan).

Masks /

You must wear your mask when at an airport or on a domestic or international flight departing or arriving in Queensland.

While not mandatory, you are encouraged to:

  • carry a mask with you at all times when you leave home
  • wear a mask when travelling on public transport, in a taxi or ride share or in shopping centres
  • wear a mask in any indoor or outdoor space when physical distancing is not possible

More information on masks is available from the Queensland Health website (

Borders and travel declarations /

From 1:00 am Saturday 19 June 2021 you must complete a travel declaration to enter Queensland from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

This includes Queensland residents (border communities are exempt).

More information about borders, hotspots and travel declarations can be found on the Queensland Border Declaration Pass website (

*The new checklist commences from 1am Friday 25 June and will be available at

If there is community transmission in Queensland, measures in impacted parts of the State may include:

  • Reducing gathering limits in homes and public spaces
  • Increased use of masks
  • Increased restrictions at aged care, disability accommodation, hospitals and corrections facilities
  • Reduced occupant density
  • Reintroduction of enforced seating in indoor venues
  • Easing restrictions table
  • Check In Qld app expanded use + Mandatory Border Declaration
  • COVID Safe framework replaced with single checklist that can be used by all restricted businesses
  • Refer to the relevant Chief Health Officer Public Health Direction for more information