$1 Million Government Grant to Boost Manufacturing at Mossman Mill

The Morrison Government has awarded Mossman-based manufacturer CocoNutZ Australia with a grant of $1 million to increase its competitiveness and productivity while supporting local jobs.

CocoNutZ Australia is an agricultural bio-manufacturing platform diversifying Mossman Mill’s productivity through producing a range of condiments-in particular, the popular soy-style sauce, kecap manis, using local sugar cane. CocoNutZ aims to replace the use of coconut sugar in the manufacturing of kecap manis with local sugar cane juice through a patented process.

The grant is delivered under Round Two of the Morrison Government’s Manufacturing Modernisation Fund which is providing grants totalling $55 million to 86 national small and medium sized manufacturers invest in capital equipment and new technologies, while improving the skills of their workers.

Federal Leichhardt MP Warren Entsch congratulated CocoNutZ Australia and said the grant would help the business create greater efficiencies by transforming and upgrading their manufacturing operations.

“This grant will help CocoNutZ Australia to modernise its business and create new opportunities, including local job opportunities,” Mr Entsch said.

“It reflects well upon the quality of businesses in Far North Queensland as well as providing an example of what others can also achieve.”

Federal Industry, Science and Technology Minister Christian Porter said the grants are a central element of the government’s $1.5 billion Modern Manufacturing Strategy and will help drive growth in the Australian manufacturing sector.

“This new MMF funding round underlines the Government’s commitment to increasing the competitiveness and productivity of Australian manufacturers,” Mr Porter said.

“By encouraging businesses to enhance their operations through investment in cutting-edge technologies we’re also supporting them to create new job opportunities, boost economic growth and build a highly skilled manufacturing workforce.”