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Perspectives / Dr Doug Quarry on “Will Our Moving Impatience Get Mr Morrison Re-elected? “

Dr Doug Quarry shares his perspective on the COVID crisis and its impact on the Federal government's popularity...

Right now we are mad at the Feds

Right now, many Australians are impatient, or just plain mad, at the Federal Government’s stuffed-up vaccination program.

But as more and more vaccinations come on-stream later in the year, and as we feel the good vibes of more and more friends and family finally become fully vaccinated, will our impatience and anger with the Feds last?

International experience suggests maybe not!

Boris and “Freedom Day”

Boris Johnson was a significant cause of huge COVID epidemic in the UK, however Monday was “Freedom Day” in the UK, when, advisedly or not, all pandemic-related restrictions were lifted. With a little angel dust, Johnson may be the hero who got the UK back to normality. 

What is the relevance to Australia?

It is quite possible that later this year, or early next, Australia’s impatience may focussed on those who have chosen not to be vaccinated, as these people will be seen as holding us back from resuming our own “normality.”

And consequently, Mr Morrison may be leading a Government singing its own praises about saving Australia with an ultimately successful vaccination campaign. They will also express frustration with the non-vaccinated.

That would be a good time to call the election.

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