Development Applications / New Helipads, RV Park and Expanded IGA Shopping Centre

Recently, a wide range of development applications have been lodged with Douglas Shire Council. These include applications for two helipads (air services), a change of material use for the Mossman Golf Club at Newell Beach, expansion of Port Douglas’ IGA shopping centre, reconfiguration of sugar cane farming land into 22 residential allotments in Newell Beach, and the wave park at Mowbray.

In a series of articles, we will introduce our readers to some of the proposed developments.

Aerial view over Port Douglas, Image Credit / krissy_jean26

Helipad near Maranos Refueling Depot, Port Douglas

MCUI 2021_4231 35-39 and 23-33 Port St, Port Douglas
Level of Assessment: Code
Public Notification: No

A development permit for a material change of use – air services (helipad) and caretaker’s accommodation (code assessable) has been submitted for land at 35-39 Port Street, Port Douglas.

The applicant, Morris Aviation, trading as Nautilus Aviation, proposes to develop an aviation facility providing passenger connections from Cairns Airport and sightseeing tours over the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree National Park.

Associated uses will also include medical transfers, aerial firefighting and search and rescue operations. These activities will be undertaken on an as-required basis. The proposed development will provide a facility that can store and refuel helicopters, a lounge area and onsite security via caretaker’s accommodation.

The applicant seeks to relocate from their current services at the Grand Sheraton Mirage Resort whose Integrated Resort Development Scheme deed of agreement does not allow for a hangar or refuelling.

There will be four staff onsite (two pilots and two administration) who will facilitate the operation of the two helicopters (a 4-seater and an 8-seater) onsite. The helicopters will operate during daylight hours. Other flights for safety and emergencies may occur as required. During the busier times of the year, the maximum number of flights per day is anticipated to be approximately 22 (a total of 44 arrivals and departures).

All flights are pre-booked and the maintenance and repair of the helicopters will be undertaken offsite. There will be two 5000L storage tanks for the storage of aviation fuel located on the northern side of the hangar. The hangar will store the helicopters overnight. If required an emergency helicopter will be stored on the helipad, which will only operate in an emergency situation. The applicant provides a bus for pickup/drop-off services and provides onsite parking for self-drive guests.

It is our understanding that there has been no assessment of acoustic impact, environmental impact, or traffic impact, and that there are no restrictions on permitted time frame for flights, nor the maximum amount of daily flights.

Community submissions in regard to this development application must be received by the Council prior to August 18, 2021.

Image Credit / Nautilus Aviation

Private Helipad at Captain Cook Highway, Mowbray

MCUI 2021_4156 L78 Captain Cook Hwy Mowbray
Level of Assessment: Impact
Public Notification: Yes

Algona Developments, trading as Helibiz, seeks development approval for the establishment of a private helipad and pilot accommodation with permission to fly in and out by helicopter, on land located at Captain Cook Highway, Mowbray.

The purpose of the development is to provide a base for helicopters to land and refuel, and provide accommodation for two pilots. The helicopters are for use in airlifting materials for the construction of the Wangetti Trail.

The applicant currently owns and operates the air services business, Helibiz, in Airlie Beach.
This development application seeks permit for material change of use (air services and ancillary use (pilot accommodation).

Image Credit / Helibiz

Material Change of Use at Mossman Golf Club

MCUI 2021_4266 51 Newell Rd Newell
Level of Assessment: Impact
Public Notification: Yes

An application has been received for the material change of use (Tourist Park) over land at the ‘Mossman Golf Club’ in Newell Beach.

The development application seeks to maintain the existing ‘Use Rights’ and a new development permit for a material change of use (Tourist Park) over land at the ‘Mossman Golf Club’.

The purpose of the application is to facilitate a new camping ground to accommodate self-contained recreational vehicles- RV Park.

Facilities will include up to 18 camp sites, solar lighting, potable water supply to each site, internal gravel road and drainage. The land in question is the existing practice fairway at the eastern side of the Mossman Golf Course and to the north of the existing golf clubhouse and buggy storage shed. Access will be provided via an existing unsealed road reserve.

The proposed development will be managed by the Mossman Golf Club Inc. and is intended to support the ongoing viability of the club. The balance parcels will continue to be used for the purpose of a golf course.

The current Registered Landowner is Douglas Shire Council, and the land is leased to the newly formed Mossman Golf Club Inc. The proposed development also seeks to utilise part of Road Reserve, currently under a Road Licence (RL4079).

Expansion at IGA Shopping Centre, Port Douglas

MCUC 2021_4248 147-149 Port Douglas Road, Port Douglas
Level of Assessment: Code
Public Notification: No

The application seeks a development permit for material change of use for ‘shopping centre’ and ‘food & drink outlet’.

The proposal seeks to establish an additional 535m2 building on the site comprising 355m2 of Gross Floor Area (GFA) split into five tenancies and a storage area, plus a covered walkway and seating/landscaping.
The proposed building would be located in the northern section of the existing car park, resulting in the loss of 23 spaces, leaving 113 on the site.

What is the distinction between impact assessable and code assessable development applications?

Impact assessable applications require public notification. Concerned members of community can have their say on impact assessable development applications.
Impact assessable applications are determined to have a degree of “impact” that requires a merit-based assessment to determine whether they are appropriate in the zone or not. A thorough assessment by Council will determine whether the proposal is appropriate or not. For this reason, these applications warrant public notification. The application is advertised so that members of the community can make a submission in support of, or against, the proposed development. The community also has the right to appeal decisions about impact assessable applications to the Planning and Environment Court.

Code assessment is carried out against the codes (or assessment benchmarks) in the Douglas Planning Scheme, and other relevant matters including identified planning need.

A code assessable development application does not have to be advertised to the public due to its compliance with local planning provisions.

Members of the public can still make a submission to the Council about the application, however they have no formal rights of submission or appeal.

The Council can only refuse a code assessable development application if it does not comply with the relevant codes and /or there are insurmountable engineering constraints.

How to make a submission

Submissions must include your name and address.
If posted, you must also sign and date the submission.

Post your submission, giving reasons to:
Douglas Shire Council PO Box 723, Mossman, QLD 4873

Email your submission, giving reasons, to:

For more information telephone the Douglas Shire Council on 4099 9444.


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Be the first to know the latest news from the Douglas Shire.

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Ian Locke
2 years ago

Let’s hope the helicopter pad gets voted out, Mission beach residents have had so many complaints about noise from the new helicopter pad that was built thereAnd approved bya corrupt local council , And That’s so cool proposed order park at Mowbray this should also be hit on the head the most stupidest idea ever heard ofThat’s hope all you cancel subject to these things as this is what the local residents want not what the developers want !!