Letter to the Editor / On Political (Im)partiality in Local Media

Dear Editor,

I am becoming increasingly concerned about the level of misinformation being peddled by the LNP and their followers.

It is also easy to call out the perpetrators when there are so few ways of dispersing said information in the Douglas Shire.

I would like to address a recent article published February 9, 2022 by the alternative local online news outlet. The article accuses Cynthia Lui of being missing in action.

I have had no difficulty in accessing Ms Lui in the past few years and in fact contacted her office on 16/02/22 regarding a problem myself and my partner were experiencing.

The staff member that answered the phone was professional, polite and extremely helpful, advising that we would be contacted the following day.

Not only were we contacted the following day but the problem was dealt with on 18 February, two days after the initial contact with her office. I consider this to be very prompt and efficient assistance to a constituent.

This is just one example of what is to come with the looming election.

One that is already shaping up to be the dirtiest campaign ever.

I would suggest that people call out all the misinformation to ensure others aren’t being taken in by it.

Ellie Fant, Port Douglas