This Federal Election is Crucial to Address Climate Impacts in the Torres Strait

Pat O’Shane, Socialist Alliance candidate in the federal seat of Leichhardt, welcomed today’s delegation from Zenadh Kes / Torres Strait in Cairns. She has committed to working for a transformation of government, to support community control for Zenadh Kes and a just transition to 100% renewable energy within ten years via public investment in our region.

Image Credit / Pat O’Shane Facebook

A Kuku Yalanji woman from Mossman, Ms O’Shane’s distinguished career has included teaching, public service, and university chancellorship.

Pat travelled to Zenadh Kes in March and met with community leaders on Thursday Island, Boigu Island and Saibai Island. She has also met councillors from the Torres Strait Island Regional Council.

“Three generations in one bedroom, 80% of kids with tooth problems due to no dental services, kids going without school lunch due to the cost of rent, crumbling roads, long housing waiting lists while 55 houses remain uninhabitable due to asbestos, regular flooding inundation due to king tides, and the threat of losing it all due to climate chaos.”

“These were the stories told to me about life on their islands – by a community that is going above and beyond but with their hands tied due to reduced federal government funding.”

“On April 19 I will join the Justice Community Forum: Climate, Culture and Health in FNQ and listen to Traditional Owners and community leaders about what they need from our federal government.”

“If elected, I commit to working for a transformation of government supported by a huge boost of funding redirected from wasteful corporate welfare, fossil fuel subsidies, and tax cuts for the wealthy few. The people of Zenadh Kes / Torres Strait deserve nothing less.”

I fully support the five key demands being made by communities in Zenadh Kes:

  1. Funding adaptation programs that will allow Zenadh Kes communities to adapt to climate impacts.
  2. Committing to 100% renewables in Australia in the next 10 years.
  3. Supporting Zenadh Kes communities to build community-owned renewable energy.
  4. A transition away from fossil fuels as rapidly as possible through a just transition for workers.
  5. Pushing the world to increase global ambitions and keep warming to less than 1.5 degrees.

“If I become the local member of parliament I commit to meet, within the first 100 days of being elected, with Traditional Owners on Warraber and Boigu Islands to more fully understand the impacts of climate change.”

“The upcoming federal elections are the most crucial of any in my lifetime. We all have to join the fight for survival of our People and our Planet.”



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