BREAKING / Further Daintree Ferry Service Interruptions

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The Daintree River Ferry will experience daily service interruptions from Friday 13 May to Wednesday 18 May due to low tides and sand build up caused by recent flooding.

The ferry can’t always operate at low tide when there is silt build up in the Daintree River after flood events.

A list of anticipated service interruption times for May is available below:

Friday 13 May – 1.30pm to 2.45pm
Saturday 14 May – 1.30pm to 4pm
Sunday 15 May- 1.40pm to 4.45pm
Monday 16 May – 2.10pm to 5.25pm
Tuesday 17 May – 2.55pm to 6pm
Wednesday 18 May – 4.35pm to 6pm

Council is striving to complete dredging prior to mid-June to avoid more service interruptions, and if successful, an update will be issued.

Rolling updates will be provided at the Daintree Ferry page at Council’s website and Facebook page to confirm the actual start and stop times during the predicted interruption periods.