On the Agenda at Tomorrow’s Council Meeting / Future of the Daintree Ferry + Flagstaff Development up again for Approval

An Ordinary Council meeting of the Douglas Shire Council will be held tomorrow Tuesday, 30 May 2023, at 10am. There is a busy agenda up for debate and discussion including a proposal for expressions of interest from private enterprise to own and operate the Daintree River Ferry.

Links to agenda items of broad local interest are provided below, with key subjects introduced.

Council Meetings are now open to the public.  There will be a maximum of 10 people allowed (due to size of the room and to allow for social distancing) who will not need to pre-register.

In line with government regulations, Council requires that all guests register (to assist with contract tracing) their details prior to entering the Meeting Room.

Tomorrow’s meeting will be live-streamed online and can be access by clicking here.

5.9 Combined Development Application – Material Change of Use – 4 Dwelling Houses & Reconfiguring a Lot (2 Lots into 4 Lots) – 69-73 Murphy Street Port Douglas

It is recommended that Council approves the development application for a Combined Application for
Dwelling Houses and Reconfiguring a Lot (2 Lots into 4 Lots) over land described as
Lot 2 on RP724386 & Lot 516 on PTD2094, subject to an extensive list of requirements and conditions.


A development application has been received over land at 69-73 Murphy Street Port Douglas
which seeks to reconfigure the land into four allotments and construct a dwelling house on
each allotment. The land is currently contained within the Tourist Accommodation zone with a total site area of 2833m2.
The development comprises four separate buildings which are accessed via a common driveway
extending from the unconstructed road reserve adjacent Jalun Park. The development
involves constructing an access driveway within the unconstructed road reserve which
connects the site to Macrossan Street.

In August 2022, approval was issued for the construction of four multiple dwellings in a very
similar development proposal having regard to building height and scale and access being
achieved from the unconstructed road reserve. The Applicant has sort to make changes to the
development to allow each dwelling to be contained on its own allotment and implement
access and services easement over the internal access rather than placing this land in
common property and creating a Community Management Scheme for the development.
The change to the proposed titling arrangements has necessitated changes to the layout and
design; however such changes are relatively minor. The amended plans have also
incorporated requirements to address known drainage issues in Murphy Street that formed
conditions of the approval issued in August 2022.
Plans submitted with the application also detail the works proposed within Murphy Street to
stabilise the Murphy Street road reserve and how the development relates to the Murphy
Street interface.
Concern is raised with the staging of the development as the front two (2) dwellings will
obscure the dwellings at the rear of the site. All development on the site is required to be
undertaken at the same time rather than staging the development and the possibility that
Stage 2 does not proceed.
With regard to the balance of considerations, Council considers that the development can meet the objectives of the Planning Scheme for development within the Tourist Accommodation zone subject to
reasonable and relevant conditions and therefore, approval of the application is recommended.

Image Credit/ DA for land over 69-73 Murphy Street submitted to Douglas Shire Council

Read full report here

daintree ferry crossing

6.1 Notice of Motion – Daintree Ferry

Councillor Roy Zammataro has submitted a Notice of Motion, “I hereby give Notice of my intention to move the following Motion at the Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday 30 May 2023”,
“I move that;

  1. Council rescinds the motion Item 5.3 from the 26 July 2022 Ordinary Council
    Meeting being, That Council resolves to:
    “Replace the existing Daintree Ferry, with a single ferry capable of four lanes of road vehicles and dual road vehicle loading capability and associated landside infrastructure upgrades on both riverbanks”.
  2. Council invite Expressions of Interest from private enterprise to own and operate the Daintree River Ferry.
  3. Notes it is in the public interest to invite expressions of interest before inviting
    written tenders for the following reasons:
    + To understand Early Market Engagement with potential Suppliers;
    + To understand the scope potential and what the market may be able to offer;
    + To enable the market to better understand potential compliance issues with the project and environmental controls due to the location of the site; and
    + To enable the market to better understand the logistics of working in Far North Queensland, particularly within the Wet Tropics.”

DouglasNews.Network will report on the outcome of tomorrow’s meeting.


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Be the first to know the latest news from the Douglas Shire.