BEST of the Best | Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Farm Scoops Royal Fine Food Awards

Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Farm has scooped up multiple awards for their sustainably farmed fish at the Royal Fine Food Awards on Saturday night.

Presented by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW at Sydney Olympic Park, the awards are the pinnacle of recognition amongst Australian producers, examining and celebrating truly inspirational, innovative agricultural food and beverage achievers.

“Rest assured that any product awarded a Sydney Royal medal is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence.”

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS)

At the award ceremony, Daintree Saltwater Barramundi achieved the gold medal for their plate sized barramundi and a silver medal for their whole fish.

The stakes were higher than ever in this years’ aquaculture competition, with barramundi competing alongside rainbow trout, Murray cod, John Dory, mulloway, ocean trout and salmon.

Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Farm’s General Manager, Mark Hober, is thrilled to have received recognition for his barramundi against such a broad field,

“We appreciate the opportunity to display our barramundi at the Fine Food Show as we use this to benchmark against industry.  Results from the esteemed panel of judges help our team understand our product better and where we can improve and innovate.  It is great recognition for the dedication of our passionate staff.”

“A Sydney Royal win is a testament of achievement at the highest level, and recognises personal dedication, ability, uncompromising diligence, and good old Aussie passion and hard work.”

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

About the Royal Fine Food Awards

For over 200 years, the mission of the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) has been to shape the future of Australian agriculture and to continuously improve Australian produce to award-quality levels.

“Sydney Royal Competitions are synonymous with agricultural excellence and underpin Australia’s growing agricultural performance and innovation. Competitions showcase producers from regional and rural communities, they create new markets, and establish industry benchmarks of excellence.”

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

Sydney Royal Judges are accomplished, knowledgeable and independent experts in their field. This year’s judging panel of expert industry specialists was chaired by John Susman, CEO of seafood industry agency, Fishtales. Fellow judges include executive chefs, Josh Niland from Saint Peter and Sean Connolly from Morrison Hotel, Bosley McGee, head fish butcher at Fish Butchery, Martin Bosley, owner and chief fishmonger at Yellow Brick Road in New Zealand, seafood sales and marketing managers, and representatives from the NSW Departments of Primary Industries, and Fisheries.

The Sydney Royal Medal Awards were presented on Saturday night at the Grape, Grain & Graze Festival at Sydney Olympic Park. Hundreds of attendees had the opportunity to chat with medal winning producers while sampling tantalising food and wine!

About Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Farm

Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Farm is a 49 hectare property located in Wonga Beach on the Daintree River. 14 earthen ponds filled with Daintree saltwater fill 3.3 hectares of the property. There are 12 production ponds, one fingerling pond, and one pond which is utilised for the tourist facility for recreational barramundi fishing.

Long term Daintree local, Mark Hober oversees the farm’s operation as General Manager and Company Director. Mark has always been passionate about barramundi and grew up fishing in the Daintree River.

“Industry-leading innovation, sustainability and consistent premium quality are the heart of our farm operation.  Our team implements best practice and husbandry techniques, under strict accordance with environmental management guidelines. This ensures we provide optimum growing conditions for our fish, while respect for maintaining the delicate balance of our surrounding ecosystem remains paramount.”

Mark Hober, General Manager, Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Farm 

Daintree Saltwater Barramundi is no stranger to winning awards for their prized fish, having received the Sydney Royal Champion Award and multiple Gold and Silver Awards for their plate-sized and whole fish since 2006.

“Just this week, Spring fingerlings were released into the Daintree Saltwater Barramundi farm ponds. The fingerlings are selected from local hatcheries, ensuring only the highest quality stocks. Released into the ponds at around 100 millimetres, the fingerlings are then intensively nursed to commercial size over 12 to 18 months.”
Mark Hober, General Manager, Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Farm 

Learn More

Visit the Farm:

Get behind the scenes to experience hands-on how the farm hand-rear Australia’s best farmed barramundi. For the ultimate seafoodie experience, a Gourmet Farm Tour culminates with a delicious tasting plate featuring a seasonal array of barramundi produce, which may include smoked barra, sashimi, battered barramundi and barra gyoza.

Sample Barramundi:

Daintree Saltwater Barramundi features on the menus of select restaurants around Australia.

Experience the excellence of Daintree Saltwater Barramundi on the plate locally at Harrisons at Sheraton Grand and at Salsa Bar and Grill where it is served on the new season menu with chimmichurri potatoes, jalapeno emulsion, sweet corn and a chorizo salsa.

Order Barramundi:

Daintree Saltwater Barramundi distributes its premium product nationally and at the Sydney Fish Markets, Newcastle Fishermans Co-op and other seafood wholesalers.

Premium, chilled, fresh barramundi is available directly from 400g up to 4 kilograms.

Further information


Address: Lot 3 Vixes Rd, Wonga Beach, QLD 4873


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