GALLERY | NicNak Shed Fashion Parade 2023

Fashion, music, and community made for a very enjoyable and stylish afternoon at Palmer Sea Reef on Saturday aftenoon-all in the name of a great cause!

Set amidst the serene backdrop of Palmer Sea Reef’s Clubhouse, over 80 people gathered for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon celebrating fashion, music, laughter, community spirit, and delicious canapรฉs.

The event kicked off in splendid style, with a lively parade that paid homage to one of the most iconic fashion dolls in history: Barbie. The runway was set, and the models took their turns strutting their stuff in an eclectic curation of NicNak Shed fashion pieces. From chic evening gowns to trendy casual attire, the parade showcased the imagination and creativity that the NicNak Parade is known for.

Charismatic host, Jill Esser, served as master of ceremonies, guiding the audience through the afternoon with her infectious energy and humour. Her commentary added an extra layer of entertainment to the event, keeping everyone engaged and entertained.

The spotlight then turned to Jo, the chief organiser and manager of NicNak Shed. Her dedication and hard work were acknowledged and celebrated with heartfelt congratulations. Jo’s commitment to the event and her tireless efforts behind the scenes were evident in every detail, making the afternoon a resounding success.

One of the most touching moments of the day was a presentation to Lu Lu, a cherished member of the community and a longtime volunteer who had once graced the Fashion Parade as a model. Lu Lu’s enduring support and dedication to the Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre, even beyond her time on the runway, were recognised with gratitude and admiration.

But this afternoon wasn’t just about fashion; it was about community. The laughter and camaraderie that filled the air were a testament to the strong bonds amongst the Port Douglas volunteer community. It was a gathering that transcended mere fashion, transforming into a celebration of unity and togetherness.

As the afternoon sun bathed the Palmer Sea Reef in golden hues, and the sound of music and laughter filled the air, it was clear that this event was more than just a fashion show. It was a celebration of the spirit of community, a reminder of the strength that can be found when people come together to support a common cause.

As the sun set on this memorable day, the warm smiles and shared memories served as a reminder that when eclectic fashion meets community, something truly magical happens.


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Be the first to know the latest news from the Douglas Shire.

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