February 3, 2023


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“Last week was Sugar Awareness Week. A lot of sugar; not much awareness. Australia is lagging hopelessly behind on dealing with the obesity-diabetes epidemic, most of which can be put down to too much sugar in the diet, particularly through sugar-sweetened carbonated beverages and breakfast cereals…”

“The danger with next month’s jobs summit is that all the usual suspects will ply their usual self-interested snake-oil remedies which the Government will swallow to the detriment of the people who do not have a seat at the summit: those whose lives are made worse by high population – waiting for a medical appointment; sitting in congested traffic; cut out of housing; or with children in teacherless classes…”

“In 2022 so far, 8088 people have died. In 2020 it was just 909 and in 2021 it was 1103.

We are running at 15 times the death rate as we were in 2020 and 2021. Yet we are taking fewer precautions, not more. Madness….”