February 3, 2023


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Daintree News

“DSSG believes that upgrading existing stand-alone power systems is the only rational plan to improve power availability to the Daintree coast, – it would have little environmental impact, be a fraction of the cost, would face no regulatory hurdles and could begin immediately.”

This project is helping to reduce threats to rainforest species and ecological communities by improving priority areas through revegetation, weed management and habitat protection, and by finding solutions to cassowary deaths and injuries on roads. Terrain is working with community groups, traditional owners and government organisations on the project. This project is supported by Terrain NRM, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Mr McDonald says that the conservation sector and local residents are so alarmed by the prospect of this grid power proposal, which would, if implemented, drive further development and its associated environmental impacts. This will necessitate a strong response by the environmental and scientific communities in the form of a renewed campaign to preserve the Daintree’s unique environment in the face of this renewed threat. “Daintree is well known and precious to all Australians, one of its icons, like the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru, and it is our view Australians, indeed the world, will want it conserved, not developed”, said McDonald.