January 27, 2021

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Nature & Environment

3 min read

A trough with an embedded low [1002 hPa] north of Cooktown, will gradually contract southward over the next few days. A high [1014 hPa] near New Zealand maintains a weak ridge along the east coast south of the trough. A new high moves into the Tasman Sea early next week, reinforcing the ridge. The outlook for formation of a tropical cyclone over the weekend remains very low, but a strong wind warning is in place for the Cooktown region over the weekend.

4 min read

There is a lot misinformation from climate change deniers stating that there is no evidence that Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases are the cause of global warming and climate change. The facts are that there is a substantial body of scientific evidence showing how increases in greenhouse gases are warming the planet and changing the climate. Let’s look at it.

9 min read

In response to the recent release of the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology’s State of the Climate Report, local organic farmer and writer Andre Leu shares his knowledge of the Importance of soil organic matter for climate change adaptation in regenerative farming.
Andre is also International Director of Regeneration International, a global NGO that promotes food, farming and land use systems that regenerate and stabilise eco systems, climate systems, the health of the planet and people.

5 min read

So the greatest sex show on Earth, for the smutty-minded and marine biologists at least, has come and gone. It was good to see some coral spawn, but … well…I guess I remember the good ol’ days. The spawn, unleashed, have ascended en masse to be concentrated into stinky pink slicks, so vast that they can be seen from space. Within these slicks is a seething soup of sex….

5 min read

It’s no secret that cane is struggling and that land is going out of production into hobby farms or cattle grazing. For a variety of reasons, there are few options for crop diversification for agricultural land that could be implemented, or switched to, quickly at scale. But with each additional loss of cane production, overall viability becomes more threatened.

7 min read

There is a common belief that certain creatures are insentient blobs, twitching unconsciously at the ends of the strings of their biological predispositions. We suspect insentience in many of the more primitive creatures, the liver fluke for instance, or slime mould, but the poster child for the “insentient blob” in the common understanding, are jellyfish.