What do we look for when accepting your submission?

DouglasNews.Networkis an independent, not-for-profit and community-based news and media platform.

We produce and curate articles of interest and relating to the Douglas Shire.

When accepting an article for submission, these are the main features we look for:

1. Relevance

Keep your content relevant to the ambitions of the DouglasNews.Network : “to be the news service people turn to for quality information and opinion.”

2. Fresh is best

Make sure your content is fresh, distinctive and relevant, and that it has not been covered by us before. Search our blog and socials to get a feel for our preferred content and coverage.

3. Research

Do your homework. Link to reputable sources only. Embed those links where possible. Where relevant, use published, peer-reviewed and science-based evidence to support your arguments.

4. No paid links, mentions or obvious self-promotion

This is a serious violation of our standards. Any editorial coverage given in exchange for compensation of any kind will result in banning from our site.

5. Correct length

Pieces run about 400-600 words. More expansive pieces that run over 1,500 words are welcome with the approval of the editorial team.

6. Inclusion

Writers should be conscious of representing our cultural and ideological diversity.

7. No re-hashed old posts

Never submit a piece you have submitted before, even with a few new tweaks added. We will reject these. Unless otherwise agreed, all content submissions must be unique. The content you submit should not have been published elsewhere in the past and should not be republished elsewhere in the future without specific consent from DouglasNews.Network.

8. Proofread and spell-check

Spell check and grammar check before submitting. We will reject articles that are in bad shape.

9. Factual accuracy

Check the spelling of individual and business names. Make sure to confirm facts with several sources.

10. Your author byline

This can be a sentence or two, up to a paragraph with links to your relevant social accounts and website where relevant.

Editorial judgment

✔︎ Your article will be peer-reviewed by our editorial team.

✔︎ If required, it is edited for grammatical content, formatting, length and SEO by the editor.

✔︎ We reserve the right to reject content for any reason.

✔︎ We reserve the right to remove any links or content we consider offensive, harmful or overly promotional.

✔︎ Any violation of our policies can result in removal of content or removal from the platform at the editors’ discretion.


Be the first to know the latest news from the Douglas Shire.


Be the first to know the latest news from the Douglas Shire.


Be the first to know the latest news from the Douglas Shire.