January 27, 2021

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Mossman Support Services / Men’s Shed

Mossman Support Services 20 Mill St, Mossman

Our vision is for men in our community to remain socially active, and enjoy the company of like-minded men share and develop skills, particularly in manual labour such as woodwork, metalwork, maintenance skills and restoration provide a safe, friendly and nurturing environment in which to do so experience satisfaction from the completion of community projects mentor youth from our community participate in fundraising activities ensure and observe safe work practices.

Marina Markets

Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina

Boutique markets held during season (April til Oct) every Wednesday from 11am - 5pm.Full of...

Mossman Support Services / Community Lunch

Mossman Support Services 20 Mill St, Mossman

We are a group of local people who cook healthy meals together.
We participate in a range of community and culinary social events where you will learn how to cook, plan, prepare, cook, enjoy, share meals, meet new people, and have fun! we serve a community lunch each Wednesday with fresh ingredients sourced from our garden wherever possible.


Social Tennis In Mossman

Social Nights for Adults. Come along by yourself or with a friend. No teams. Have...