February 4, 2023


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Wonga Beach

Foreshore management plans are integral tools to ensure open foreshore areas are managed for the benefit of the community, while making best use of ratepayers’ funds. These plans consider how the foreshore is used by the community and provide actions to maintain, develop and sustainably manage the areas.

A COMMUNITY group will be formed to monitor recreational all-terrain vehicle use at Wonga Beach and report issues to Douglas Shire Council under a new interim foreshore management plan. Council has adopted an Interim Wonga Beach Foreshore Management Plan which allows Wonga Beach residents to use quad bikes in an environmentally-sensitive manner on sections of the 10.5km stretch of coastline.

Douglas Shire Council have released the Interim Wonga Beach Foreshore Management Plan in preparation for Tuesday’s Ordinary Council meeting. On Tuesday’s meeting agenda is the recommendation “That Council adopt the Interim Wonga Beach Foreshore Management Plan” and, in doing so, endorse the actions contained therein to balance recreation activity with environmental sustainability at Wonga Beach.