January 27, 2021

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In unison, all four Councillors criticised aspects of the Daintree ferry debacle that Mayor Kerr has brought about. At Douglas Shire Council’s Ordinary Meeting held on December 15, 2020, the two-ferry or bridge question should have been finalised.   It appears, however, that the Mayor is still trying to avoid having the contract signed, by instigating a questionable last minute change to the meeting recommendation, and further, not advising all fellow Councillors of his intention to do so.

6 min read

Douglas Shire Council will consider a proposal to approve a high rise hotel on Warner St at Tuesday’s ordinary meeting. Warner Street Hotel’s proposal does not comply with our local planning scheme.
DouglasNews.Network considers it vital that residents, ratepayers and local businesses understand why compliance with the local planning scheme is critical to the integrity and future of our Shire.

3 min read

Earlier this week, Treasurer Cameron Dick handed down an historic budget designed to drive Queensland’s COVID-19 recovery, and quite simply, to create more jobs for Queenslanders. Let’s take a snapshot of the new Budget and its implications for the Far North and the Douglas Shire.

8 min read

At Tuesday’s Ordinary Council meeting, Item 5.8 on the Agenda was a request for funding by Cape York Weekly to establish a news platform in the Douglas Shire.The recommendation was that Council approves $10,000 towards supporting the Cape York Weekly to commence a community newspaper. Council staff would develop KPI’s for the allocated funding that would focus on strong support for advertising for not-for-profit and community groups in the Shire. The proposal for Council to fund a newspaper comes only after an advancement from Cr Kerr, and no other alternatives were sought.

5 min read

When Joe Biden gets a clear majority of the vote and Electoral College on Tuesday, a side question will be whether Donald Trump goes willingly or has to be militarily crowbarred out of the White House before inauguration day. Either way he will go.
The real issue is whether Biden and his Vice President, Kamala Harris, can reverse not only the excesses of Trump but replace the whole rotten dysfunction of the American polity that set in with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.

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The race for the #QLDElection2020 finish line is on, with tomorrow being Election Day. If you’re a late starter, and are heading to the polls tomorrow, here’s a few key tips to bear in mind.

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We chat with Brett “Beaver” Neal today, who has been busy covering every nook and cranny of the Gulf on her “listening tour” in the lead up to election day tomorrow. Brett has worked on North Queensland cattle stations, with Indigenous youth and has been a prominent sportswoman with Fred Brophy’s Boxing Tent traveling around the North-West.