January 27, 2021

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3 min read

“I think this vision for the Shire is a nightmare.
Can anybody seriously think that subdivisions of cottages on 350sqm lots are going to benefit the residents of this Shire?
The costs of additional infrastructure required to service these “retirement” developments will far exceed their contribution to the economy.”

4 min read

Today’s featured Letter to the Editor addresses claims of a proposed bridge over the Daintree River being more environmentally friendly than. the ferry. “Members of Douglas Shire Sustainability Group (DSSG) have participated in the Douglas Shire Council’s process which is aimed at determining the appetite of residents and others for a bridge over a two ferry system, as a means of crossing the Daintree River. As the arguments in favour of a bridge have been eroded, we have noted that proponents are sticking with two arguments to support their claim that a bridge is less environmentally damaging than a ferry.”

15 min read

As a general member of the community with no affiliations to any political group I feel it’s important for the people of the Douglas Shire to have oversight of ALL of the questions being submitted to the DSC and the DSC’s responses. So, I am respectfully requesting that my questions and answers be published on the DNN website and Facebook page if you are agreeable.

6 min read

On the surface the proposal for a dual purpose mountain bike trail and walking track from Palm Cove to Port Douglas sounds like a good thing; visitors and locals can enjoy a long trail with overnight stops at intervals and a halfway point at Wangetti. General tourist businesses and indigenous TOs can benefit with jobs.

4 min read

Douglas Shire Sustainability Group (DSSG) has received several questions from our members regarding the clearing of land at Langley Rd Port Douglas.
In response, we have done a deep dive into the history of events leading to the destruction of several large Melaleuca and other trees and the associated dislocation and probable death of several creatures housed in those trees.